Sunday , August 14 2022

David Hayter Achieves Rousing Performance Re: Solid Snake Ass


Screen: Metal Gear Solid 2 (Konami)

Truth generally acknowledges that Metal GearSolid Fungus has a large fat. This baseline base for a universe has now reached all over the internet, including Solid Snake's long-term voice actor.

Solid Snake is the main character in a game for excitement, so it's reasonable to wear something similar to a catsuit in the Metal Gear games. What's more curious is how it's catsuit to outline its individual cheeks ass. The snake's aunt has to render, and dearly Metal Gear fans. When the fans realize that Snake's acid looks more flat in the prospects for Ultimate Brother Brothers, they were worried. That is their dedication to the Snake-donkey.

In early January, the Snow_Radish joke Twitter user made the fact that Snake gave her up. If you are not aware of what "dummy thicc" means, just know that it really describes the shares of Solid Snake bags. Although not everyone agrees, I feel that the harmony of the Leap Hinge is the extent to which accidental clapping is a real risk to it. Tweet Snow_Radish went short short:

On the same day, Hachikosyndrom himself dropped reading Snow_Radish joke while turning David Hayter's voice from the voice of Solid Snake.

Hayter's gorgeous gems and uniqueness is synonymous with Solid Snake in the West. If you look at its page on Cameo, a website where you can pay voice actors and other celebrities to record video messages, all of its latest applications are said that Hayter says "happy birthday" to different people like Solid Snake .

Combining Solid Snake, the idea of ​​being horny, and the phrase "dummy thicc" had been unavoidable for people on the internet. Even some TikTok people took action on the tweet.

This joke has gained enough popularity so that Hayter saw it not only, he recorded his own version of the phrase.

Hayter in a tweet said he had recorded himself personally saying the words "dummy thicc," for her friend's son, who is active on TikTok. Every time I hear or think about it, I can start laughing. It's so angry at the end. Solid Snake can not satisfy her ass-clapping warning her and the guards.

If you want to make Hayter say something just as ridiculous, go ahead and check it on Cameo. For 50 cow only, he will like you a happy birthday, or, I do not know, tells the words to "Twerk" by City Girls ft. Cardi B.

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