Friday , December 4 2020

Daniel Bryan recalls Bella Cycle Bad Bike Accident (VIDEO)

Daniel Bryan recalls Bella Cycle Bad Bike Accident (VIDEO)

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will probably never forget the time his wife called Brie Bella, after being kicked out of Sky Bar.

According to Bryan, the phone went out inconsistently; Something like this, "Can you believe they would not leave me in this bar? They said I was too drunk?"

That's when Bella's sob started, "And then Bryan, I fell on my bike."

Bella recalls putting the middle finger bouncer and then folding in the car park before he crashed his bike into some rocks. Bella's response was simple to get up and walk away. In order to add insult to injury, the whole event took place in front of her mother, Kathy Colace.

Readers can watch Totally beautiful clip in the video below:

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The Graig On Failure to Eliminate For a Safe Cop in a Secondary School

Six TV Page He released a video featuring dwayne Johnson secondary school age in mustache shells. According to the video, it caused & pornstache & # 39; Johnson and 6 'physique "suspected among his fellow pupils, who assumed that Rock was an indoor copper:

Johnson took to Twitter to confirm the story, "Nice trip down memory. And yes, a really real story when I moved from Hawaii to Nashville, I was already 6,222bbs with a 15-year-old owner – and the students In my new secondary school I thought I was an indoor gop. All the beautiful girls were staying far from me. "

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