Saturday , December 5 2020

Croagunk Will Stab You With Fingers Poison

Every Pokemon is interesting and it's worth talking about it. I do not play tons of Pokemon, but I enjoy the universe and I love to learn more about the creatures in it. So, this is another Pokemon! It's Croagunk!

Croagunk Details

Type: Poisoning / Fighting

Average Height: 2 "04"

Average Weight: 50 pounds.

Added First Generating IV

Anything that attacks the use of his fingers as flesh knives is stunning. That's becoming even more true with Croagunk, which has poisonous sacks inside fingers. According to Pokedex applications, this Pokemon is rarely similar to streams. Some may think this is because they are peaceful or impractical. I think she's because nobody wants to go to fight with him. Who wants to be muted with poison fingers?

Finger Stabbing
Screenshot: Pokemon Company

Regardless of their reasons, Croagunk is relatively peaceful and because of their colorful skin they have become popular mascots in the Pokemon universe.

Although the poison found in Croagunk fingers and cheeks is toxic and even deadly, it can also have some medicinal benefits. According to Pokedex records, many back medicines are dependent on Croagunk's poisoning. I have to think who calculated this. My speculation: A person suffering from back pain was pissed off Croagunk and tried to run away. The thing jumped on them and cut her fingers. Fortunately the man survived and also found his back feeling quite good.

In the anime, Croagunk was caught by Brock. This Croagunk would tie Brock every time he fell in love with a beautiful girl. If you know anything about Brock, you know that that means a lot of fingers.

I do not want to write the phrase "finger fishing" again.

Hoff Art Fan:

I'm glad that Pikabeans were drawing something that I was thinking about the moment I saw this Pokemon. Why does he have colored middle fingers? I just started to think about what would look like the bird's explosion and I thank this artist to create that image for me. Thanks Pikabeans!

Random facts:

  • In China Croagunk has to name Bung Li Wa which, according to Bulbapedia, means "poor frog". It seems a bit tough.
  • Croagunk is the mascot, Pastoria City, who has located in a bog.
  • According to the Pokedex records, Croagunk makes an "eerie" tone using their poison sounding. So not only does it stabilize you, it also makes a creepy tone. China may be fine.

Next week, another Pokemon gets their time in the lights. If you have any suggestions for future Pokémon, I should include it, let me know in the comments below. Also, share any panoramas or stories you have about Pokémon this week.

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