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Confidential Attack to Fighting Fighting Out: Rosie's amazing secrets Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's relationship at The View


When Rosie O Donnell join The View in 2006, it was four years since it was a regular daytime TV game.

And if fans of his eponymous chat show were tuning in to see the return of "Nice Queen," well, they were in for a shameless awakening. The Donnell who joined Barbara WaltersABC gabfest, starting in his 10th term at that point, was great from the playful woman who enjoyed driving joyful balls to the audience. In its place, it was a much more disgraceful political privilege; one who was not afraid to voice her liberal view and had no surprise about making enemies in the process.

She made her frequent target for conservative media outlets and right-wing pits, and to set her – for life, appears – against the panel's required conservative voice, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Before joining The View Hasselbeck himself was known for coming fourth on the second season of Australia set in 2003 Survivor and maintaining the Style Style Look for Llay. But by the time Donnell joined her in the table for Hot Topics as the comedian replaced the moderator who was leaving Meredith Viera in 2006, she had established herself as the resident winger, expressing her opinion and confirming her defense. And while she had found a short quarrel from time to time, she arrived at Donnell meant she had something real on set.

And producers – not to mention the viewers – were eating it.

The arrival of Donnell on the long-term series was a big boost, allowing The View to prevent the general downward trend for daytime television broadcast at the time with a marked increase of 27 per cent in three-month occupancy surveillance. It was clear that its adversarial nature – not only with Hasselbeck, but with Donald Trump, the Bush administration, and the Catholic Church – graduated gold, and it was encouraged by the show's producers to be as stranger as he wanted. He often got into trouble – the racist way he mocked Chinese journalists deservedly won his scorn – and often her relationship worked with not only Hasselbeck, but also Walters (social recognition of Trump who felt her that it was caught in the middle when a special explosion had eroded, with tension. Yet, it seemed that all parties were always able to return to a sense of friendly decoration at the end of the day.

Until then, there had been agreement of Donnell's separate and all hell broke free.

The View, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie O Donnell

Yolanda Perez / ABC through Getty Images

By April 25, 2017 – just seven months after joining the show – revealed that Donnell's his days ahead t The View I have numbered them. As she and the network were unable to come to terms on a new contract, she explained, she would leave the show when her current contract ended at the end of term. "He didn't work," he said on the show, "and that shows biz. But it's not sad because I loved it and I love you and I'm not going away." (ABC wanted to lock her in for another three years, while only comfortably recycled for one.)

Later days, on May 17, the woman who spent a lot of her time on the show condemned the Bush administration's policies, especially as they engaged in the war in Iraq, t and conspiracy theories asked about 9/11, a rhetorical question that she had to know that a powder coat would be fired.

"655,000 Iraqi civilians have died. Who are the terrorists?" he said. "If you were in Iraq and another country, the United Stated, the richest in the world, attacked your country and killed 655,000 of your citizens, what would you call it?"

By the following Monday, 'Donnell would be on the defense, worried that conservative critics had claimed that she had, in fact, called the soldiers "terrorists" with her controversial statement. And when he asked Hasselbeck and she thought that 'Donnell thought our troops were terrorists, he chose the keeper co-keeper not to answer, instead urging Donnell to explain & # 39 what he had to mean. That Wednesday, while Walters was away, the conversation was once again turning to the comments of the comedian who has been fascinated. It seemed reluctant to engage.

"As this is how it spins in the media: 'Rosie, Rosie said very high, fatty lesbian, there are innocent Christian attacks Elizabeth," From Donnell, Hasselbeck urged him to call his assessment "unfair."

"I don't understand why my fault is if people spin words you're putting out there or phrases that suggest things," added Hasselbeck. "And I gave you a chance two days ago to explain the statement that made trouble on all those things."

"That went into trouble for me?" Donnell repeatedly sarcastic. "As a friend, you gave me the chance. That was very sweet for you. I was asking if you, my acquaintance, believe me I thought our soldiers were terrorists, Elizabeth? "

Initially, Hasselbeck was ready to answer, before admitting that he didn't think that Donnell thought the soldiers were terrorists. But he continued to build what Donnell did has It was said that encouragement warmed further between the two as Joy Behar and the co-guest at the time Sherri Shepherd following on, uncomfortable.

As the producers turned to the split screen, Hasselbeck insisted that Donnell defended [her] And he was amazed at his trick with Trump, while Donnell had given her "cowardly" for not answering the question two days before.

"I will tell you what starving. Asking a rhetorical question that you will never answer it yourself," Hasselbeck is shooting back. "That is cowardly."

Somehow, Behar broke and shouted, "Who is directing this show? Let's go to commercial!"

According to Dancing With The Stars professional Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who watched in the green room by another side DWTS stars a Alicia Silverstone, all waiting to appear in later segments of the show, staffers went from laughing to giggling to silence to what the hell is going on?

"It was like watching domestic dispute develop," he said People that June. "It was very uncomfortable. The Alicia segment was in operation [first], and she was, eisiau I don't want to go on now. "

The 10 minute shouting game would end the first season of Donnell on the show. He asked her to be released from her contract three weeks before her departure in June 21, and the network was happily committed (despite the fact that the debate has brought the best ever show). ). It would last be May 25, 2007.

"She was tired of the day-to-day fighting," her lifelong friend Jackie Ellard say People. "She doesn't guess her decision at all. In fact, I'm sure she's better than she is in a long time."

Immediately after that, Hasselbeck tried to relieve the existence of bitterness Donnell, telling reporters, "We are friends, and when friends are very different in their opinion things are sure to be heated." On May 29, the first chapter back without Donnell, Hasselbeck would tell the viewers that she and O Donnell "were in much communication." But O'Donnell told a different story, explaining on his website that he had only exchanged one short email. "I haven't talked to her," she wrote, "and I probably won't. I never tried to be friends with someone I didn't do with her. But I don't think we were ever have arrived there, or anywhere near. "

Talk to Oprah Winfrey In 2010, Donnell would explain, "We had a friendship in some way, and there is something about someone different on TV towards you than in the dressing room. I really didn't really tell me. it was a betrayal of my friendship, and your feelings had hurt.

Although, as she told her, the battle itself was not the reason she threw in the towel that day. "I hadn't come back because the director and producer had made a split screen, and they had to prepare that in advance. I knew that as I was the producer of my TV show t myself, "he added. t "I felt that quite a setup was about my drive to that position."

Over the years, Hasselbeck and Donnell seem to be repairing fences several times, as early as January 2008 when O Donnell told People they had made amends after the arrival of her frenemy son Taylor Thomas. "It's very cute, I saw him on TV, and I sent him a lovely gift, and [she and Hasselbeck] has been emailing each other, "he told the announcement." And peace prevails. "By 2011, they were making dates for lunch through Twitter. And by the time Walters left the series in May 2014, they were both chorded enough to appear together. T , along with all the other former guests of the show, in a special episode, even sitting together!

But two months later, when it was announced that Donnell would return to the show, the nicetis was over. Hasselbeck, who had left a year earlier to join Fox & FriendsShe was called into Fox News morning program while she was away on holiday to rush into the woman she was sharing such a rocky history with her.

"Here i The View the very girl spitting in the face of our military, spitting in the face of her own network, and spitting in the face of someone who stood by her and had confounded arguments about the time she was there – coming back with a bunch of control, ready to recover The View with a seat at that table, "he said, before claiming that Donnell had taken credit for producing the May reunion show.

Rosie O Donnell, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View

Lou Rocco / ABC through Getty Images

"Go back to the reunion show for Barbara, how strange is this? When you have a woman who has yet denied that our own soldiers are terrorists in Iraq at the time, [who] she left the show… although she was still at the end of her contract – to have so much fun Barbara's farewell day was scary, "she continued." She walked around with a lot of control and then when I had the chance to talk to her, Rosie told me that, as we got our micro, she had produced the reunion show to get everyone together and her idea it was. Now, do you think that the woman who left the way she did would produce Barbara's farewell show? This is the stunning, his show Hello. # 39;

On her behalf, Donnell responded through an old Hasselbeck clip tweet The View, arguing for controversial questioning techniques used by Americans in Guamamo Bay, while he separately claimed that Hasselbeck was hiding in her dressing room on the day of the reunion show. "I walked in and said hello," tweet continued. "Her answer HAPPENS SELFIE !!"

Speaking to them Procession in September, Hasselbeck would touch, briefly, on Donnell's as the announcement asked whether she thought her old enemy would be different in her second round round on their stomping grounds t themselves. "I don't know. I got to Rosie for many years, including the day after everything happened," he replied. "That's something I've talked about time after time. I didn't get a response, but I wish them well."

A second piece of Donnell's co-host would prove to be even shorter than her first. Although she signed an 11-month contract, she would leave the show in February. Speaking to reporters following the announcement, Donnell attributed the decision to survive health worse by the trouble in her marriage failing to wife at the time. Michelle Rounds. "[My health] gone a little worse before the holidays – [my doctor] is a kind of concern, "he said, back Hollywood Reporter. "I can't really fix it [my personal life] immediately, but I can fix it [my job]. So I spoke to them in ABC, and I told them, and they understood. They have been incredibly supportive and loving. "

However, the ice of shock was observed between O'Donnell and the current moderator Whoopi Goldberg, which had replaced the old one when he first left, as well as an inability to completely recall the new production staff, they were said to have played a part in the decision as well.

Hasselbeck's time Fox & Friends almost as short, with the conservative commentator choosing to retire in November 2015 to spend more time with his family, telling the viewers that she wants to give them the best, not the rest of me. "And with the one of them not commenting on the news on a daily forum anymore, it seemed as if it was a natural collection for the contentious connection. T

Until this week, that is.

The latest piece of author Ramin Setoodehbook say everything to come, The Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View, to make his way to the internet before his release in April 2 concentrates entirely on the episode given to fiery first season of Donnell on the show. And in it, Donnell himself offers a breathtaking perspective on the true nature of her relationship with Hasselbeck. "I loved it," said Donnell, explaining that she had tried to lead Hasselbeck initially by offering advice on how to negotiate on television. "This is what I said, I'm the higher. It's the fresh man. I have a very good player on the fanzine team, but I have to learn how to release it. T "

"There was a little squeeze," Oh Donnell continues, per Diversity. "But I didn't want to kiss her. I wanted to support, pick up, elevate, like she was the star of the fresh star and I was captain of the team. I was going to Scottie Pippen she was. She and the ball and let her shoot, she even goes on to claim that "basic lesbian lesbian eyes on both parts."

Rosie O 'Donnell, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Mychal Watts / WireImage

With regard to that last day spent with each other on the set, there is a Donnell claiming that his response to how everything went down must be with much more than just politics. "It felt like love broke up," said Donnell for his last day on TV with Hasselbeck. "The battle we had, for me as a gay woman, it felt like this:I don't love me as much as I love you. # 39; 'I have looked after you. # 39; 'You are not. # 39; 'How could you do that for me?'I did nothing for you. "

Hasselbeck has not yet responded to claims from Donnell. E! No reply was received to a news request for comments from press time.

While fraud can be taken from Donnell and Hasselbeck as the most memorable in it The Viewa stunning history, they are far from the only two to have turned the Hot Topics table into a boxing cycle. To re-live the most memorable show at the show, read on!

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Steve Fenn / ABC Picture Archives

It was the one that started it all. Although there have been seconds time here and there during The Viewnine first terms – we look at you and your exit announcement, t Star Jones– but nothing like what went down during Rosie O Donnellfirst of two one-to-do terms, the show 10th, when she and co-hosts weigh Elisabeth Hasselbeck He came into shots over, well, they went to the shots again and again. As Donnell highlighted how the media portrayed their political repetitions repeatedly, the May 2007 segment declared chaos and despite Joy BeharThe best efforts to discard commercial, instead, the producers went back to the cleft screen path and history. The event, especially the way the producer handled it, would encourage Donnell to leave his job as a moderator the following day.

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in | 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961974″ alt=”Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Gosselin, The View contest”/>

ABC / Lou Rocco; Mike Bridge / NBC

When The View TLC star reality welcome Kate Gosselin as a guest guest in September 2009, he quickly became the subject of conversation when the conversation turned to his ongoing custody battle with an ex-husband Jon. As it has essentially admitted breaking the terms of their custody arrangement by going to Jon's house during his time in court with the children to look at a chaperone he had never met, t Whoopi Goldberg she couldn't hold back how she felt. "When you're going to something locked with someone you're having your specific time you and [they have] their specific time and you are not supposed to walk on that, "Whoopi explained." I'm sorry that's the law. And you could have gone to prison! "As Gosselin has tried to defend action on his maternal instinct and Joy Behar trying to break the tension with a few jokes, Goldberg is breaking down commercially from the end as she states, "I can't even deal with the rest of this."

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961964″ alt=”Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kathy Griffin, The View contest”/>

Donna Svennevik / ABC through Getty Images; ABC / Randy Holmes

When Kathy Griffin stop by The View in June 2010, she was there to promote her now depressing reality show My Life on the List D and immediately proved that he was not there to show Elisabeth Hasselbeck the warmth she had to offer to the other guests as she only addressed her by hand rather than the hugs that everyone else had. And when Sherri Shepherd she asked the caustic comedienne if she had ever felt bad about some of the things she's told about people in the name of a comedy, she couldn't co-host her weight on the right included her interest as she appeared visible and then went in. said things about people here who are not) false, and b) not so funny, "said Hasselbeck." So you've never felt strange, like, then come here and sit here and you & # 39 n know, kind of promoting things when you have said some of these things? "

"Actually, what I live in right now, so bring it," replied Griffin. "I think, this is how I write my action."

After a little more back and forth, where Griffin was very keen for Hasselbeck to engage further, the fellow guests closed her down: "No, I'm going to go back to sleep, really. "

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961973″ alt=”Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View contest”/>

ABC / Lou Rocco; Steve Fenn / ABC through Getty Images

In August 2010, t Elisabeth Hasselbeck probably had flashbacks to the Rosie O days when she was a new moderator Whoopi Goldberg a warm debate on the use of the word "N". Those who are retired are now Fox & Friends fellow guests argued that no-one should be able to use the word, while Goldberg objected to it being completely different when African Americans used it and needed to understand it. "We don't live in different worlds," Hasselbeck insisted. "We live in the same world."

Goldberg's response? "We live in a different world, that's as it is. It's Elisabeth."

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " ? fit = inside | 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961962″ alt=”Bill O 'Reilly, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, The View contest”/>

Teresa Kroeger / Getty Images; ABC / Lorenzo Bevilaqua

In October 2010, the appearance of a former Fox News walker appeared a rare double walk when Bill O 'Reilly He made some comments about the perpetrators of the September 11 terrorist attacks that did not fit them well. Whoopi Goldberg or Joy Behar. When discussing Park51, a proposed Muslim community center that would be built two blocks of Ground Zero, Reilly declared it "inappropriate." As some of the guests disagreed with him, he doubled down, stating that "Muslims had killed us on 9/11." That was enough for Goldberg and Behar to pick up and leave the set while on air. "I don't want to sit here," said Behar as she left. "I'm not."

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961972″ alt=”Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Trump, The Showdown show”/>

ABC / Heidi Gutman; Douglas Gorenstein / NBC

Back in March 2011, before he became president of the United States, Donald Trump went on The View where he was grilled about his stay at the time when President Barack Obama was producing his birth certificate and proving that he was born. in the country. As Trump insisted that there were no pictures of Obama as a child, no one remembered him as a child, and referred to the fact that he was hiding something, Whoopi Goldberg lost his cool. "I think that's the biggest pile of dog dirt I've heard in ages," he told guests of the Famous Apprentice at the time.

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961961″ alt=”Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd contest, The View showdown”/>

Getty Images; AP

Sherri Shepherd she rarely found herself on opposite sides of a fight during her period The View, but when Barbara Walters protect a friend Woody Allen in February 2014 thereafter Dylan Farrow he wrote a scary essay about his alleged discrimination as a child, she found that she was forced to shoulder the head teacher, who said that she had never seen a father as loving as Allen's love. "Barbara, when you say, I'm talking from what I've seen, there are so many things going on behind closed doors. he knew he was with Soon-Yi when she was very young.This girl adopted the girl when she was young and Woody was around her, you also have a man with a history good, he liked younger women, "Shepherd was opposed. "So it's not that far."

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " fit = inside | 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961963″ alt=”Candace Cameron-Bure, Raven Symone, The View contest”/>

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images; ABC / Paula Lobo

During a Hot Topics segment in July 2015, a conversation turned into a bakery which refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple and was then fined $ 135,000. Bure Candace Cameron they felt that the oven owners were well within their First Amendment rights, while Raven-Symone he argued that it was no different than when business owners used to refuse service to African Americans based solely on their skin color. No agreement was reached by the end of the segment.

<img src = "" class = "image -" style = "max-width: -2 width: 402px" data width = data-402 "data-height =" 650 "data-src =" https: // fit = inside | 900: 650 and output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961956″ alt=”Michelle Collins, The View”/>

Lou Rocco / ABC through Getty Images

Comedian Michelle Collinsshort occupancy such as joint maintenance may be primarily remembered for the September 2015 event where she a Joy Behar beating Miss America's 2016 contestant Kelley Johnsona monologue for her vocation as a registered nurse. Collins called "funny" that "she read her emails loudly," while Behar thought about the competitor had a "doctor's stethoscope." The comments led to immediate social media reaction by the nursing professions under the hashtag #NursesUnite. The duo apologized two days later, but the damage was done as The View he lost Johnson & Johnson, Eggland's best company, McCormick & Company, Snuggle and Party City.

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = "https: // Fit = inside | 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961970″ alt=”Joy Behar, Omarosa, The View contest”/>

ABC / Heidi Gutman; ABC / Lou Rocco

When Omarosa Manigault he appeared on the show in January 2017, it was in the early days of his post as African-American Outreach Director at the Trump Administration and, as such, was still in the full-time yes-man mode. And that meant she was ready to get on with her Joy Behar, one of the president's greatest judges at the table. As Behar raised Trump taxes, Manigault flat-out refused to respond to the question line. The first Apprentice a Celebrity Big Brother then the competitor drew attention to the fact that she was fighting in the congregation, she didn't lose the chance to go into Behar, saying, "I bring joy and hopefully t you can, one day, find joy, Joy, in your life. "

Behar's response? "That's right, and I feel I could get high right now."

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 961966″ alt=”Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, The View contest”/>

ABC / Lou Rocco

When Hot Topics conversation in February 2018 turned to White House assistant Rob Porter, who had just resigned for allegations of abuse by shame, it was fertile land for residential liberals Joy Behar and resident resident Meghan McCain to get themselves in the middle of a screaming game. McCain Beef? Her belief that Behar makes women abused. Ochr Behar? She was just forging a Chief of Staff John Kellyit is alleged that they were shocked at the behavior of Porter. And everything went down from there, as Behar had stated that she was insulted by every Republican and McCain declared that she was looking forward to having a respectful conversation about the subject elsewhere on another day and with other participants.

"Good," Behar broke.

<img src = "" class = "image – full-load data__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data-height = "650" data-src = " in | 900: 650 & output-quality = 90 "data-id =" 926745″ alt=”Whoopi Goldberg, Jeanine Piro, The View”/>

ABC / Heidi Gutman / Fred Lee

When the Fox News host and former President Trump President made his fourth appearance on the show in July 2018 to promote his new book t Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Pumped Conspiracy, Jeanine Pirro went into a warm conflict with Whoopi Goldberg after she accused the show's long time moderator of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome” after she drew her attention when asking a question. The two continued to argue as the audience enthralled after Goldberg threw up commercial and argued the argument for ABC Television Studios halls. As Pirro said later Hannity, dywedodd wrth Goldberg ei bod hi "wedi brwydro dros ddioddefwyr" ei bywyd cyfan, ac ar ôl hynny roedd y cyd-letywr wedi mynd yn ei hwyneb a dechrau melltithio.

Fe wnaeth Goldberg wrthwynebu ochr Pirro o&#39;r stori y diwrnod wedyn, gan ddweud, "Daeth i ffwrdd, fe allai hi fod wedi mynd heibio i mi, doedd dim angen iddi stopio ond stopiodd, a rhoi ei bys yn fy wyneb a&#39;m gwaedu," Rydw i wedi gwneud mwy i ddioddefwyr nag y byddwch chi erioed! Yna fe ddywedais wrthi am rai geiriau dewis na allaf eu hailadrodd, ie, fe ddywedais i, fe wnes i ddweud hynny. Ewch allan, &#39;ond fe adawodd yma felltith ar y bobl sy&#39;n archebu&#39;r sioe. Fe wnaeth hi felltithio ar y dynion sy&#39;n gwneud y diogelwch ar gyfer y sioe. "

<img src = "" class = "image – data llawn-load__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data- uchder = "650" data-src = " ffit = y tu mewn | 900: 650 & allbwn-ansawdd = 90 "data-id =" 961965″ alt=”Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, ornest The View”/>

ABC / Lorenzo Bevilaqua; ABC / Lou Rocco

Bron i 10 mis yn ddiweddarach, roedd yn amser ar gyfer rownd dau rhyngddynt Y Golygfayn ideolegwyr preswyl pan fyddant yn deyrnged i Lywydd hwyr George H.W. Bush troi at Joy Behar cymharu ei record ar faterion amgylcheddol yn eglur â&#39;r Llywydd Donald Trumps. Ac nid oedd hynny&#39;n gweddu&#39;n dda Meghan McCain. "Allwn ni ganolbwyntio ar y llywydd, os gwelwch yn dda? Dydw i ddim eisiau siarad am Trump," meddai, gan dorri ar draws Behar ganol y ddedfryd. Fel y dywedodd Behar wrthi ei bod am siarad am Trump am un eiliad, felly roedd McCain yn dweud wrth ei chyd-weithiwr nad oedd ganddi ddiddordeb yn eich un mater.

Atebodd Behar, "Dydw i ddim yn poeni beth sydd o ddiddordeb i chi gan fy mod i&#39;n siarad!" Ymateb McCain? "Wel, dwi ddim yn poeni beth sydd o ddiddordeb i chi, naill ai Joy!"

Ac egwyl fasnachol ciw!

<img src = "" class = "image – data llawn-load__img js-lazy-load" load = "max-width: 877px" data-width = "877" data- uchder = "650" data-src = " quality = 90 "data-id =" 886403″ alt=”Joy Behar, Meghan McCain”/>


Can&#39;t these two just get along? A conversation on February 11 regarding Senator Amy Klobuchar&#39;s official presidential bid and President Donald Trump&#39;s subsequent tweets, McCain interjected while Behar was describing the President&#39;s interaction with the 2020 hopeful, saying, "This is real." Naturally, Behar snapped back, "Can I get through this please?"

By the time her co-host was finished, McCain was clearly bothered by the way Behar spoke to her. "This whole thing is so stupid," she said, shaking her head. After co-hosts Sunny Hostin a Abby Hunstman gave their two cents on the subject, McCain said, "Can I say something now? Is that OK, Joy? Do I have permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar? We&#39;re all good?"

She then began to tell a story about friend who were in attendance at Klobuchar&#39;s announcement, but abruptly stopped herself and said, "Alright, no, by all means, keep going Joy."

At that point, Behar had had enough. "If you&#39;re going to have a hissy fit, we can&#39;t continue," she told her co-host, crossing her arms in resignation.

So, basically, it was just another day at The View.

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