Tuesday , August 9 2022

Cody Rhodes: Any company would benefit from having Tye Dillinger


Daflen Pro Wrestling has interviewed Cody Rhodes today and one of the free-known agents, formerly known Tye Dillinger WWE, has discussed. He had positive things to say about Dillinger and said that All Elite Wrestling would be lucky to have.

"Tye Dillinger, I love him," said Rhodes. "I love the man. I went to OVW with three months of experience and was only made by WWE because I was a Dusty child but I never did it. He became my partner's tag partner, he learned to wrestle. Well done to me. I would love to offer whatever resources I got when I left and started my independent calf course as I went to many places. I do not think that's a conversation with AEW that we need get as much as he wants more, I want him to go out there and do it. Any company, whether in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Ring of Honor, MLW, EVOLVE, PROGRESS, there are so many great companies. Any benefit company, including us, would benefit from that. "

Look at the full clip below:

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