Thursday , December 3 2020

ClubLink wants to launch the redevelopment of two home builders and the Kanata Country Club and Country Club

A file shot from a charity tournament at the Kanata Golf Club and Country.


Another golf course that is worn through the suburban community of Ottawa may be thrown out to make a place for a large infill residential development.

ClubLink confirmed on Friday that she co-operated with Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes to redevelop the Kanata Golf Club and Country with new homes. The trial is planning a community consultation starting in early 2019.

The operating costs of the golf course are rising and there are fewer golfers growing during the season, says ClubLink, suggesting it could be "a bigger community benefit" when using the golf course for something else.

ClubLink intends to continue running the golf course during the consultation period, but ultimately its goal is to redevelop the whole golf course "including an appropriate amount of green space."

Planning permission would need to be obtained from the city hall to allow the redevelopment of the golf course to be large.

Kanata Coun would only be two weeks ago. Jenna Sudds took a job as a war advisor – and suddenly she has a difficult planning file on her hands.

Sudds said she opposed any redevelopment of the golf course.

"This is certainly a community disappointment. The golf course, the green spaces, is extremely important and frustrated," said Sudds on Friday.

Sudds said she had only learned about the plans on Thursday night and she arrived at the city's staff immediately. She was expecting to meet Mayor Jim Watson on Friday afternoons and she went out to community societies.

"This is going to get rid of anger and emotions of a community," Sudds is predicted.

Sudds was looking for more details of a consolidated pre-merger agreement between the Kanata pre-town and the golf course that defends the golf course from developing.

"I think it's important for the community to know that I'm here. I'm working hard on this," said Sudds.

"I'll be getting office hours this weekend, I'll be hitting doors this weekend and encourage anyone to contact any concerns and comments as we work here together."

Neil Thomson, president of the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association, said the golf course and developers should be ready for fights with owners.

"The pushback will be serious," said Thomson. "This is a community that stands up."

According to Thomson, a legacy agreement between the golf course and the old borough in Kanata keeps the golf course legally.

"They can not pull this without breaking an iron agreement," said Thomson.

The Kanata hole 18 Golf Club and Country was opened in 1968 and was redesigned in 1990.

A similar scenario has been playing out in Barrhaven with Stonebridge Golf Club. The owner, Mattamy Homes, looks at a development that would absorb a great deal of golf course. Commenting on debates, the company abolished its development application last summer and Jan Harder, the Barrhaven adviser who chairs the planning committee, promised more public consultation.

Stonebridge is similar to the Golf Club and the Kanata Country because the course design is worn through a residential community. Many residents bought their homes after seeing the relatively narrow views of the backbacks.

ClubLink is the largest golf course operator in Canada. This is the only company that owns one of the largest profile courses in the country, Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Ont., Which has hosted several Canadian golf championships. ClubLink also wants to redevelop that course.


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