Sunday , January 24 2021

Cloudflare publishes Warp: a new free VPN service for iOS

Following their tradition of introducing new services on April 1st, Cloudflare today publishes Warp: a new mobile VPN that promises to protect the users internet traffic while improving our speed at the same time. This is the company's second customer service, having introduced its DNS,, last year.

Cloudflare's aim with its VPN service is to make it easy to use and make sure it works fine in the hard conditions faced by mobile devices, such as switching between Wi-Fi networks, switching between Wi-Fi and LTE, and also bondage ports, which are common in public places offering free Wi-Fi.

The service comes after Cloudflare has access to Neumob in 2017, the technology of Neumob is what empowers Warp efficiency:

While other VPNs slow down the Internet, Warp contains all the work that the team from Neumob has done to improve mobile Internet performance. We have built a Warp around protocol that is based on an IDP that has been optimized for mobile Internet. We also stimulated Cloudflare's huge global network, allowing Warp to connect to servers within the milliseconds of most of the world's Internet users.

Warp will be a free service that can be accessed via the app, but the company promises not to capture any identifiable data from users or to sell browsing history. it will carry out checks with third parties on a regular basis to ensure that the service respects the privacy of users. Cloudflare relies on the reach, scale and flexibility of its networks, which are used by many customers who pay – mainly companies – to offer this service free to consumers.

Cloudflare also mentions a premium version of the service – from the name Warp + – which will be available in the future for a low monthly payment. It will leverage their private virtual spine to make the service even faster for customers who pay.

Those who are interested in trying the new service should download the latest version of the app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play, and join with; waiting list. The company said it was working on a version of the app for desktop too.

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