Sunday , January 24 2021

Cliff at Armdale Roundabout as Quinpool Road repairs bridge

It's not a April Fool joke, Halifax's long traffic nightmare has started.

The emergency hour started much sooner on Monday at the Armdale roundabout, as traffic on Herring Cove Road and Chebucto Road supported in all the arteries leading to the traffic circle thanks to a departure in place. repairs on the Quinpool Road Halifax Railway bridge.

The bridge is almost 100 years old on the stretch of road between Armview Avenue and MacDonald Street.

Traffic on the arteries feeding to Armdale Roundabout is supported. Cove Road Road is shown. (Paul Palmeter / CBC)

As a result of the work, vehicular traffic that is not localized is damaged to Chebucto Road. The diversion will extend to Connaught Avenue and then to the south back to Quinpool Road. Local vehicle traffic will be able to use Armview Avenue.

The repair is expected to last in August.

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