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Clement pre-mistress was probably offering $ 1,000 for clear pictures & # 39; by group claiming Liberal support & # 39;


The conversation is between the young person, who is politically active, and the group presumed on Instagram during the first week of July, in the form of direct messages

Online chat screenshots between the old Conservative MP, Tony Clement and a young woman with whom she has a relationship show that she is being offered a bribe in exchange for dirt by "a group of women who have been damaged by him" and who claimed to have "institutional support with the liberators."

"And he can offer compensation for each picture that you send $ 1000 each. Especially if they are clearer," he said.

There is no evidence that the online campaign, if it existed beyond these exchanges, had anything to do with the Liberal party. Parker Lund spokesman said fairly Wednesday, of the alleged Liberal support, "That's fake."

The conversation between the young woman, who is in his 20-year-old and active politically active, and the group presumed on Instagram during the first week of July, in the form of direct messages; the account was "fake" or called "false".

The young girl, one of two girls who spoke last week annexed to Star Star, is a recent graduate in a law school.

Can offer compensation for each picture you send $ 1000 each. Especially if they are clearer

Clement himself was the subject of more recent shade – by those who designated "foreign actors" asking for 50,000 euros for "disclosing personal and personal information," according to his last week's letter to his Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont ., electors.

He immediately reported the second incident to the RCMP and overlooks his cell phone for forensic examination.

This revelation has been a 57-year-old Tory veteran putting his seat on a new national security committee and a position in the party's shadow's inspiration.

Tony Clement reaches the National Conservative summer resort in Halifax on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Andrew Vaughan / The Canadian Press

But when more information became apparent – the day after the Star asked Clement about what the two unknown women told the paper – he sent his letter to his constituents admitting "inappropriate exchanges "multiple online, which are" cross lines that should never be crossed "and which led to" acts of infidelity. "

He was then asked to resign from the leader Andrew Scheer of the Conservative blunt. He is now sitting as an Independent.

But last July, he was a former mistress and allegedly he had to target.

According to the screen screens the National Post has acquired, when the bribe was offered, she replied, "I do not want $$ directly, I want a similar job."

If you get into problems with him, let us know

A source near Clement confirms that the woman has asked Clement to help her find a communication situation with a legal company after they have finished with their sexual relationship.

The woman responded to emails by confirming that she was the person quoted in the Star story, but said "I do not think I have a lot more to say …" He did not respond to a number of notes who were sent to the same address that specifically asked questions, especially about his response to the profitable cash.

In the first direct message, the link said "We were a group of women who have been harassed by him. She cheats his wife. If I'm going into problems with him, let us know."

The origin, Clement, began to hear the rumors of the last summer by friends of women on Instagram that the group had contacted in search of hazardous images. Someone sent a website to him that was active for just a few hours – only two photos were showing, one of them kissed the young lawyer, another one of her.

Conservative MP Tony Clement asks a question during the question period in the House of Commons at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Sean Kilpatrick / Canada Press

At that point, the source said, Clement contacted the lawyer immediately.

She admitted, said the source, to have "shared" the pictures with colleagues, one of which had decided to create entertainment for Clement.

He also said that the women's group had contacted her and sent Clement's screen screens from those contacts.

He told her he was immediately calling the Provincial Police of Ontario. The OPP has confirmed it. The lawyer also told the Post who also called in the police, an officer said she was named Matt, but he did not answer questions about what force she called.

In any case, with the website has been erased so quickly and the connection for the group of women is probably false, the investigation was overwhelming.

Clement says to Conservative Mark Mark Strahl's last summer for a fake website that said he was reporting fraudulent things about him.

But Clement did not tell Strahl about her own behavior and her vulnerability, so Strahl considered that there was only another cause of disturbance that disturbed MP. He told Clement how to report it, and he did not take it further within the party.

The source states that Clement's interaction with online women and in real life usually started on Instagram with one following the other, and then "liked" postage and moving to direct messages, private. Ultimately, he moved to WhatsApp, which has better security and encryption.

All the relationships, the source, were consensual, if it is inappropriate and dangerous to him, and the one of the girls that have come forward so far has not suggested otherwise.

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