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Chevy Volt Production has officially ended


2019 Chevy Volt

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A little earlier than I expected, too.

It is now official. Chevrolet has removed the plugin on its Volt production. The plug-in hybrid that helped to start the electric vehicle revolution will no longer be rolled out of the Detroit-Hamtramck assembling plant. The best thing seems to be a bit earlier than expected. When they were contacted after breaking news about the lack of the model in the future, the automaker said the production was due to expire in March this year.

Obviously, the decision to extract the Chevy Volt was made because the company intends to close the entire factory that it has built in. However, news came now that the facility will continue until January 2020, pumping pollution machines such as the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac CT6. The Buick LaCrosse, which is also produced there, was not accessed.

This really indicates the end of life. The car was very attractive to those who felt that electric electricity could not completely fulfill their needs. The 2019 edition can travel on a 53-mile EPA scale on payment before the gas engine starts to keep the vehicle in place. Indeed, it was a huge sales success in some parts of the U.S. and in 2018, Chevy Bolt's overarching sister's sentence surpassed our Supplementary Sales Scorecard by just a few hundred units.

The situation is especially sad for us InsideEVs owner of residential volt. Her car serves quite well, even if, as shown in the photo below, it has been put on ice recently.

The decline of the model does not mean the end of the road for plug-in hybrids with a significant range. Hybrid Honda Clarity Plug-In works effectively in a similar way, allowing owners to drive mainly using energy from the battery, but also allow journeys far beyond the range Electricity 48 miles without the need to give up at a station.

If his heart is still being installed on Chevy Volt, good news. There is still some list available through automaker and automaker – those on incredible price marks. Also, our sister site, MYEV.COM, dozens of examples previously loved waiting for their home forever.

Source: The Detroit News h / t Brian R.

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