Tuesday , August 9 2022

Chemicals in Household Dust Cause Childhood Obesity


The new season is welcomed, as the months begin to warm up, be welcomed by many of us with the spring cleaning. When you clear the dust in your home, besides the fact that you are breathing better and your house looks neat, it could also reduce it. the chance that your children will suffer from childhood obesity.

More than 190 household dust samples were collected during a US-wide study, which revealed, after analysis, that up to 70 sex folding chemicals could be found in griming at home.

These chemicals can trigger multiplication and development of fat cells, as it has been revealed in the laboratory tests.

Make-up, paint, and laundry detergent could be the sources from which these chemicals come from and in the homes of overweight or obese children, the study revealed that they were higher.

Duke University conducted the study, and was the leader. Christopher Kassotis, a post-doctoral research associate of the Nicholas School of the Environment.

Chemicals found in household dust could cause childhood obesity

“This is some of the first research to investigate links between chemical mixtures present in the indoor environment and the metabolic health of children living in those homes. , ”Said Dr Kassotis.

Approximately 195 household dust samples were collected in the center of North Carolina by the researchers. Subsequently, chemicals from this dust were tested after being removed in the laboratory to make sure they had the ability to promote the development of fat cells.

During the Endocrine Society conference in New Orleans, the results were presented and they suggest that the multiplication and development of fat cells can be triggered even by shallow dust levels.

“We found that two-thirds of dust could promote the development of fat cells, 'said Dr Kassotis. “And half promote excess fat cells at 100 micrograms or about 1,000 times lower than what children eat on a day to day basis,” he added.

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