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Celebrate $ 1M win – Kelowna News

Madison Erhardt

The Kelowna facility that sold a $ 1 million lottery ticket was won in the spirit of giving Wednesday.

Nick Pisio bought his Lotto 649 win on the November 7 team at a Mac store on Springfield Road.

The store manager Gurjeet Patara said Piso had bought her ticket.

"It was so exciting after I heard that he had won," he said. "It's amazing that someone who is earning locally. He's a manager here, so it was nice to see that."

Mac celebrated 100 free lottery tickets on Wednesday, along with baking goods and other treatments – and the business was fast as customers hoped to be the next big winner.

"I got scanning staff and the ticket – I can not believe it! Everyone was surprised," said Pisio after he won.

He intends to retire early and holiday in Maui.


Kelowna Tourism continues to survive the smoking episodes, but only rarely. Therefore, it will become aggressive and push for four-year marketing by its stakeholders.

"There is a single chicken situation," said president of Tourism Kelowna and CEO of Lisanne Ballantyne this week. "Do we expect all products to come out, which means everyone starts offering products and services and winter, and then we will start promoting it?

"Or do we start to promote ourselves as a destination throughout the year, and that will create a demand for the product, so we'll go down the center somehow, and we'll start giving an idea to & Stakeholders from where the gaps could be through an audit we are doing, where we may need some product or there may be a timing gap on the calendar, and then we will start promoting. "

Ballantyne sent that message to a full house at Kelowna Yacht Club on Tuesday during the Kelowna Tourism Association annual general meeting.

Ballantyne reported that the number of hotel stays had risen over the previous 12 months compared to the previous year, although that figure had decreased during the summer months due to the wild wild smoke that faced the Valley Okanagan.

For more information about this story, go to Okanagan Edge.

The Castanet Night Update for Wednesday, December 12 with reporter Wayne Moore.


Water is safe to drink in the Ellison Kelowna area.

Immediately effective, a boiling water warning has dropped to a water quality advice.

In consultation with Interior Health, the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement Area made the announcement of Wednesday afternoon.

Ninety seven customers in the Ellison service area, within the Central Okanagan Regional District, are served by water from Mill Creek.

Water quality is now considered fair, and still has a high complexity. IH recommends that children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems continue to boil their water for a minute or seek a safe alternative.

Visual confirmation of groundwater was required by a recent flight from WestJet from Kelowna to Edmonton because its transportation was landed down following a lack of action.

The Westjet Encore De Havilland Dash 8 400 was on the way to Edmonton on November 29 when the crew received a sign on the landing machine, reports

There were 24 passengers and four crews on board.

The crew performed an extension of hand tools on the airport, which required excessive force to operate the system.

The captain was elected to a low approach and the landing equipment is inspected from the ground, however, the tower said the nose had not extended, only the main equipment.

The crisis crew declared and performed a second extension to successful hand tools, which sailed the journey safely.

The Transportation Safety Board reported that the maintenance perception had found free brackets and two others that needed to be adapted. When testing, the equipment worked without any further issue.

The Aeroinside report contains information from the Civil Aviation Incident Reporting System.

Canada Transport seeks to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the data contained in CADORS, however, the information should be treated as preliminary, unannounced and subject to change.

Alanna Kelly

If you're flying today or at any time soon, there's a few holiday advice to make your vacation flying smoothly.

Kelowna International Airport is busy preparing for another busy holiday season and expecting more than 100,000 passengers over the next three weeks.

"Travelers are advised to plan ahead and prepare for waiting times longer than at airports, in order to reduce stress related to travel," said Assembly spokeswoman Jessica Hewitt.

It is anticipated that there will be a constant traffic flow from December 14 to January 6.

"The busiest bus days of the season will be December 21 through December 27," said Hewitt.

Here are some tips on the airport on how to make your travel experience as easy as possible:

Consider alternative transport

  • It is expected that YLW will reach full capacity during this highest period. Alternative transportation is recommended to the airport such as taxi and limousine services, transportation of air vehicles, public transport or having a friend dropping them.

Explore parking options

  • Those in need of parking at YLW should follow sign and parking staff instructions and there is a cell phone waiting point near the plaza and airport.

Arrive at the airport early

  • The airport terminal terminal opens at 3:30 a.m. with check counters for most airlines, security screening and food services available at 4 a.m. You should reach 90 minutes before your departure time for domestic flight.

Know what you can do through security screening

  • Avoid surrender items and guarantee that your valuable things are done through security screening.

Confirm your company's identification and pet policies

  • Check your airline to make sure you have the valid identification and travel documents for everyone, including children.

Alanna Kelly

Okanagan ChristmasFest is fully embedded at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center.

They nurtured the season last week with a corporate challenge and took things with a donation of a dollar bill to Campaign Be An Angel for Central Okanagan Food Bank.

Those are encouraged to enjoy a European inspirational outdoor Christmas Market, indoor Christmas walk to support Central Okanagan Food Bank, and live entertainment.

The Okanagan ChristmasFest runs December 14, 15, 16th, 2018 indoors / outdoors at the Rotary for the Arts Center at 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna BC.

You can help to support the food bank, by staying at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center.

Bring unwanted food items to the Kanata Hotel until the end of December and get a 20% discount off your room rate!

As part of the Okanagan ChristmasFest presented by The Kanata Hotel & Conference Center, Telus's Christmas Walk will be located at the Arts Center for Rotary Arts.

Christmas Trees has been sponsored by businesses and organizations who would like to have a tree's creative decoration to support Central Okanagan Food Bank. Telus's Christmas Walk gives Christmas Tree sponsors the opportunity to showcase their community spirit and to support those in our community who are struggling with hunger.

There will also be Community Tree, we invite the public to bring decoration to the tree to support Central Okanagan Community Food Bank. The tree and other people will be auctioned on December 17 at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center to raise money for Central Okanagan Food Bank.

"We're proud of 100% owned by Canada and believe that we have all the experience of all our guests no less than Canada hospitality we know about. We're new to & # 39 , this community and support We are not only exciting to be the sponsor of the presentation of Okanagan ChristmasFest, we also donate $ 1,000 to Campaign Be An Angel to support Central Okanagan Food Bank and challenge all other accommodation in the Okanagan to meet a donation or beat! "said Sharon Lewis, GM at The Kanata Kelowna Hotel & Conference Center.

A family on Fuller Avenue in Kelowna thanks to lucky stars this morning after the fire survives in the bedroom early on Wednesday morning.

Kelowna's fire responded to a 911 call for a report of a bedroom fire in the 800 Ful Ave Block immediately before 1 a.m.

The flame was dispersed into a second floor bedroom and firefighters could see smoke bullying from a window.

After entering the building, it was found that the fire was mainly removed by the owner.

The crews failed to house and made sure the scene was safe.

Emergency Social Services was offered to the owner but was rejected as the house was still unsafe.

Fire Department Tim Light, Platon Captain Kelowna, tells Castanet, "the fire was accidental and no-one was injured."

The Kelowna Fire Department responded to 4 engine 1 rescue vehicle and safety vehicle order units.

Light also says that "smoke detectors save lives, make sure you check your sensor batteries on a regular basis."

Madison Erhardt

It has been over a decade since Kirk Turvey lost its base of the West Canada Baseball Championship, a valuable possession that he was of the opinion that he would never see again.

"I played football with a friend at Dorothea Walker Elemental School, and I did not have a pocket, so I put my circle to my friend. After we finished, he went to give me the circle , and he had gone, "said Turvey.

Turvey searched a friend of the field for four hours, but could not find the circle. They went back the next day and they still left empty hands.

"The years went on, and every time we drive from school, I would think about the circle and think what happened to him," he said.

But, just last week, the parents of a special telephone call from a couple asked their son.

"I asked and asked what my numbers were in the baseball and then, once everything fits, they showed they had found my ring," said Turvey.

The couple, Carole and Paul Snider, are members of the Hunters Treasure Club Okanagan.

Caole Snider was the one who found the circle.

"It was engraved inside, which enabled me to start searching. If that information was not there, I would not have any way of finding the owner," said Carole .

"When I first started to lose the ring 15 years ago, I was surprised that she was still there at school, and she could only be very odd," she said. .

Turvey says he can not thank the couple enough.

"I never expected to see this thing yet. It's a bit corrected, but it's still pretty good shape. It seemed to have been found six inches to the ground. mad, "he said.

Turvey says he intends to return to the Treasure Hunters as a thank you.

JoeAnna's House was a great winner after the Rotary Rotary Sunrise Rotary broke out a check for $ 27,780.00.

Kelowna's Rotary Club is the main sponsor of RibFest, along with the Internal Credit Union, Save-for-Food, Mont and Bar Barbecue, and Landstar Development Corp. who had also participated in the celebration.

"We wish to thank all our sponsors, the community, our volunteers and all those who have attended the 2018 RibFest Rotary Sunrise Savings Interior to make this gift possible. We look forward to a bigger and better August 23-25, 2019," says Maribeth Friesen, president of the Sunrise Rotary Club.

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