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Cause and cough confirmed in Duncan – Tofino-Ucluelet Westerly News


The adult case of fish cough has been confirmed in Duncan.

Spokesman for the Island of Cheryl Bloxham said that letters were sent on March 8 to potential exposure sites in the area, including the St John Ambulance Youth Program, the Chalkboard Theater and Regent Online Christian Academy group, which is 39 ; n meet personally in Oasis Church twice a week.

He said that transferable disease nurses followed those who were in direct contact with the individual.

"There are no high risk connections," said Bloxham. "This reminds everyone to check your immunization status and keep up-to-date information about vaccinations."

This is the second positive case of cough in the Island during the last week.

Health Island sent another letter last week to the community of Mount Douglas High School that a case of fish had been confirmed at school.

Pertussis, or cough, is a serious infection of the respiratory tract caused by pertussis bacteria.

People of any age can get cough, but young children who have not had their immunization become ill than older children and adults.

The whole cough can cause complications such as pneumonia, seizures, damage to the brain or even death.

These complications occur most often in babies under one year old.

Every year in Canada, one to three deaths occur due to the cough, mainly in infants less than three months old who have not been immunized.

The entire cough is easily spread when an infected person is coughing, tissue or having close contact with others.

Sharing food, drink or cigarettes, or kissing someone with a pertussis bacteria can also put you at risk.

Coughing can be spread to others during the early stages of infection when the symptoms are not severe and if not treated, it can spread up to three weeks after the cough starts .

The whole cough begins as a common cold with symptoms such as tissue, red nose, light fever and mild cough.

Over the next two weeks, coughing is getting worse, resulting in severe, repetitive and powerful cough periods that often expire with electricity before the next breath.

Coughing pertussis can last several months and it happens more often at night.

Cough can make someone get up or dig a mucus, and make it hard to take breath.

In babies, their cough can cause periods of apnea where their breathing is impaired.

Many pertussis vaccines are available in B.C. which protects against the cough.

The cough vaccines are provided in conjunction with other vaccines such as diphtheria, polio and tetanus and they are free as part of a normal child vaccination.

A cough vaccine is also available for older children and adults.

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