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Cast Red Redemption 2 & # 39; Reveal Their Favorite Attractions of the Game

red dead remediation 2 manor
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Rockstar Games & # 39; Red Dead Repayment 2 full of unforgettable moments, memorable lines, and of course, some of the best strings in a video game.

Choosing a favorite scene in the game, or even a favorite line is difficult. As long as I live, at any time I'll hear "I have a plan," I think of the Netherlands. When I saw a horse, I can not help but hear Arthur saying "boah" in my head. And when I'm thinking of some of the biggest trips in video games ever: I remember the mission where the guys storm the Braithwaite Manor.

Having said that, although I am not personally able to get into the strength of thinking to choose a favorite moment from the west of the open world, the main cast of the game has done so.

Speaking to ShackNews, Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan), Alex McKenna (Sadie Adler), Rob Wiethoff (John Marston), Peter Blomquist (Michah Bell), and Benjamin Byron Davis (the Dutch Van der Linde) were asked what their favorite was a line or scene of the game, and why she was a favorite. The cast responded to the following (prospect forward):

Rob (John): "I believe that the line that is most obvious to me is to say great & thank Arthur, and I am not know which line, depending on how the player is playing the game, It's similar, but that's one I have to ask a director several times, & # 39: How emotional is John in this scene? And I thought the first time I asked him, I did not get it right, so I said "Do I need to close?" John Marston was crying, but for me it was a combination of the story that was moved that moment, knowing the story, and also worked for 4.5 years with Roger and the rest of the cast and knowing exactly what moment That was hard for me as a person not to break down at that time, it's just Moment size. I'll do my best to continue with each other. That's me was something real than I will never forget. "

Ben (Dutch): "On line, I do not know I have one. I would say that all the shoot I know we would learn that the cheese had slipped from the Dutch crunch. There was a scene of my I was waiting for a long time to do, which was the last scene in the skiff with Bronte, the mob manager at Saint Denis, and took a long time I thought he was Finding Jim Pirri, who's the actor who played so amazing Bronte, but the final scene in the skiff, I got the scene for almost a year before we finished doing that, and so I was I felt a great deal of expectation to build up to this conflict finally. To see it all, it came together with the instruction and incredible music, which I'll look at that moment and it's for me I felt like something iconic and exciting and every piece of drama as I did it. Such a material and with a bit like that I was part of it, it's like Sophie's setting trying to calculate her favorite chi. They're all in our babies. "

Roger (Arthur): "I like one of the lines I tell John relatively early in the game, but something summarizes one of the main themes and # 39; The whole game is Dead Wildlife. I think one of the really cool things about the game is that some people know that the death is coming soon and that others do not know it and that is a great source of conflicts. I believe that Arthur tells John something along the lines Listen, I'm here to tell you this life, like this , here is the last, I'll believe. We are not long about it. Some kind of Arthur knows that the end is close, but there are other people who are not. That's me real key scene. "

Peter (Micah): "I do not know if there is a line in particular. I know I've spent a lot of scenes working with Roger and so in such a way she was always so proud and enjoyable to be Working with someone who was so talented and someone I knew we could never give my trust as an actor. In order to pick up a scene it's, of course, some of course. The last moments I have with Arthur Morgan are particularly intense, so those were really pleasing to me in that way, to watch how Roger dealt with that intensity totally stimulating and that's what the I have to say about that. "

Alex (Sadie): "I think there's so much to choose a form. There are many things that I report in Chapter 6. I believe that I am partially in the scene between Arthur and Sadie where you say I and I, We have more disorders than people. I'm not sure why, but that's enabled me. Too much choose to select, but if I had to choose one of those first recall because it's a line I can often hear. "

Of course, to have a more interesting insight into the main project of the game, including tons of small tubes grown, and make sure you look at the whole ShackNews article where they talk to the actors behind for characters on a number of topics.

Coch Marw Redemption 2 available for PS4 and Xbox One. For more information about the game, make sure you look at all of our previous broadcasts of the world-wide open world that are critically known by clicking here.

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