Monday , October 3 2022

Canucks punishment kills continue to bleed goals in loss to Wild


VANCOUVER – There is a route to freedom for Vancouver Canucks. He has played with Josh Leivos.

Unfortunately, the National Hockey League team has only Josh Leivo, who has drawn on the Toronto Maple Leafs fourth line clearance prices. And despite having scored on Tuesday first in his Ganucks – on his first shot in Vancouver – he did not kill penalties.

No one else on the Canucks, who allowed to play the power of Minnesota Wild to go three to three as Vancouver lost 3-2 to eliminate even further in the stalls. The Canucks have a free fall 1-10-2.

If they lose their Thursday regulation against the Nashville Forecasts, the best team of the West Conference alone, their 0-4-1 performance in Rogers Arena will be equal to the worst five-game Vancouver populations since January, 2009. Almost 10 years.

He feels for that since the last winning streak of Canucks.

Of those seven fatalities – that figure may be low – the worst at the moment is the way they bleed goals while being treated briefly.

The 23rd pre-game penalty site at NHL, with 25 power-play goals against 29 games and 76.9 percent fatality rate, was misleading. In the last 18 games, they have yielded 21 play power goals and their success rate has been 67.2 percent.

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This nightmare started the center shut down the night, Brandon Sutter left the line with a shoulder eliminated when he came to the table against the Wild on October 29. Curiously, that is also the start of the Canucks & # 39; 4-0-2. Since then, however, they have won once in 13 games. Eight of the 12 losses, including the first four on this homestar, have been through one goal.

The return of a Tuesday injury from Jay Beagle, another veterans checking center specializing in death penalties, did not do anything to help the PK.

"You can not give the best three on the PK," said Beagle. "I thought we played a really good game and we put three on the PK. We need to find a way, we have to be better I want to think that I'm a big part of it and I need to be better.

"We have a good system. We have a good plan to go after them. We need to make sure that we implement it, for example, on those five to three, I : They're not going off and they're putting it at the back of our net. So that's me. You can not miss readers. & # 39 ; your PK is a difference maker. "

In a way, PK Canucks has been a maker of difference. In conjunction with the power of play, special teams have been keeping them from winning.

The Canucks had a fantastic third time on Tuesday as they started the 14-5 Wild while pressing for a tie. Even-strong, they start Minnesota 2-0. But the penalty slaughter was terrible.

The things that the Canucks do well are not enough to compensate for killing a penalty that basically gives a goal down Vancouver before even games start.

Minnesota's power was played, which took two in its 6-2 solution from Vancouver at St. Paul, two weeks ago, lacked sweatshirt at Rogers Arena. The Wild took only 15 seconds after the first penalty Michael Del Zotto doubted to tie the game 1-1 at 12:17 from the first time when Zach Parise was shot on the point Matt Dumba disagreed .

And only seven seconds after the suspicious second penalty of Del Zotto gave two Canucks men short for 15:29 of the second phase, Ryan Suter scored the point on the next five three. Del Zotto still sat in the penalty box when Jason Zucker sprayed in one timer of passing Mikael Granlund through the "Canucks" box to give Wild the first lead at 16:31.

"The first one I have not seen," said Del Zotto of a first rape penalty on Jordan Greenway. "Second, we thought was a soft call."

With Alex Edler already off for interruption, Del Zotto was punished for cross-examination Parise, who is strong on his skates but not that time.

"I'm probably playing 10 times a game," Del Zotto argued. "The battle down is low. You give something to the man and it's going down fairly easily. Penalties will go. (But) we did not kill one.

"Pump-i-bump, we're fine. This is a really good hockey team over. But the PK gives up to three and play power scoring nothing. Losing the special teams, more often than you're going to lose the game. That's just the way this league is. "

Canuck's power left three chances. He has not scored on the homestand and was ranked 21st before the game.

"Typically, you do not depend on your power of play," said prosecutor, Erik Gudbranson. "They're not good, but you're relying more on your PK to take you through difficult games, especially against good teams. We need to find a way to & # 39; w computing. The PK does not do the work. I do not do the job. We win that game if our penalty does not kill, so it's very frustrated. "

Leivo's goals, on quick slot release at 7:02 of the first phase, and Tyler Motte had given the desperate Canucks leading 2-1 on ice at home with 25 minutes after .

"I do not think it's one thing," said Edler about problems and special teams. "It can be confident."

Given last month, that is understandable.

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