Wednesday , June 29 2022

Cancel school buses for boards around Ottawa


School buses are canceled in areas that surround the two most eastern cities in Ontario, but they are not yet in Ottawa or Kingston.

Ice overnight passes to constant, sometimes heavy rain today.

School buses are being canceled for English students in Renfrewshire and for Canadian and Eastern East Catholic school boards.

"Mixed rainfall throughout the morning and morning has made many rural and back roads suspicious or incredible this morning," said East Ontario Student Transport (STEO).

East Ontario French school boards have canceled buses in these areas:

Also, buses are not running in the Bancroft area.

Y Commission esclaire des Hauts-Bois-de-l & # 39; Outaouais has canceled elementary and secondary school classes today – it's not just buses – but it's keeping its adult and professional classes running.

The Québec West School Board has chosen not to run buses to some schools:

Can not be canceled this morning by agencies that manage school buses in Ottawa, Kingston and Belleville areas and other areas of western Quebec.

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