Wednesday , January 20 2021

Calgary Weather: An extreme cold warning was issued across Alberta

Maria Bocaranda has bundled against the bitter cold when attending a rally to support Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido at the City Hall in Calgary on Saturday 2 February, 2019. Gavin Young / Postmedia

It's very cool.

So, in fact, cold, that Environment Canada has issued an extremely cold warning across almost Alberta as a whole, including, of course, Calgary and all surrounding areas.

Although the temperature is expected to fall between -24 and -30 C on Sunday, wind cooling could make the temperature reduce as little as -45 C. The cold wind may retain & # 39 ; r temperatures around -40C at the beginning of the week, too.

Canada Environment advises people to cover up to the avoidance of lists and hypothermia. Due to low temperatures and wind cooler, frostbite could occur within minutes. The service also warns that if it's too cold for people it's too cold for pets, so indoor animals should be kept.

Cold-related symptoms include a lack of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, torment, and fingers and a corpse change color.

As for Calgary in particular, there may be periods of light snow throughout the Sunday, and it is expected to cool wind to keep the temperature around -40 C throughout the day.

Come on Monday, there will be 30 per cent of chances in the morning. According to the wind, it is likely that the temperature will be around -40 C in the morning, with the expectation to warm (!) I -33 C (!!) by Monday afternoon. But Tuesday is expected to be sunny.


High Today -24 C
Today Low -30 C
High Average -1.5 C
Low Average -13.5 C
High Historic 15.3 C in 2005
Low History -42.8 C in 1893
Top Tomorrow -25 C
Low Yfory -29 C

Weather warnings

Calgary is under extreme cold warning, almost all of Alberta, but for the south east corner. The warning extends through parts of B.C., Saskatchewan, and Manitoba as well.

You can check all Alberta weather warnings here. You can also check Canada-wide weather warnings here.

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