Thursday , July 7 2022

Bray Wyatt Post Cards Cryptic Message


Bray Wyatt has a strange way with words and you never know what he's talking about. His promos could be analyzed and interpreted several ways. However, "Sentence" has some inevitable inevitable combination though.

Wyatt has twice tweeted in the RAW broadcast center so far. We have not seen Wyatt on RAW for some time, but rumors about her return have been quite strong recently.

Eater Of Worlds removed: "I'm not God, I never do. I'm sorry to say that, I was wrong. I know the truth of God now and all the power I feel that I am forgiven of all the evil that I have caused, my soul is clean now My mind is clear I'll see what I've ever done, what has been done to me. They take it all. "

He followed by saying: "I have so many things to install. I realized that I was sick. My mind does not work like other people, it's being lose and attach to unrealistic and toxic images. My next trips will be to find a real call. This is a farewell "

In order to do this, he said: "For everyone who has loved us and supporting us, we say thank you. And ask that you have faith in us. We have been given to the Earth This will repair, I will change and I will not die until this. Fun away my brothers and sisters. The journey is far away. "

Here are some pretty interesting words to send as it did. Hopefully, we'll see it again on WWE TV is rarely enough so that it can explain some things because we are starting to get some questions.

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