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Braves makes free agent rubbish with Josh Donaldson, Brian McCann

The Atlanta Braves added a pair of free agents following their first division title in five years, agreeing to year contracts with the third baseman Josh Donaldson and councilor Brian McCann.

Donaldson agreed for a one-year US $ 23 million contract, the team confirmed Monday.

McCann's agreement was announced earlier by Atlanta, where it became seven All Star Star from 2005-13. He had a one-year contract of $ 2 million to play near his home.

Donaldson was the AL MVP with Toronto in 2015 but has struggled since then. He had a wound injury in 2016, slowly slowned in 2017 and through the shoulder head and calf strains this year. There's a three-time All-Star that turns 32 next month, hit Donaldson .246 with eight homers and 23 RBI in 52 games this year to Toronto and Cleveland, which was won on August 31.

His 2019 salary equates to this year's pay.

McCann, who turns 35 in February, comes from Duluth, Georgia, and was the All Star Star with the Braves from 2005-13. He left to sign a $ 85 million, five-year contract with New York Yankees and was traded to Houston after the 2016 season following the appearance of Gary Sanchez.

McCann helped Astros win their First World First title in 2017. Taro .212 with seven homer and 23 RBIs in 63 games this year, losing 53 games due to arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in July.

Although McCann's signs are sure to be popular with the base of the fan, acquiring Donaldson figures to be much more significant for the team's force in 2019.

Return to form

The Braves return to a three-time All-Star form, which turns 32 next month. Only three years ago he holds the first MVP prize with Toronto, hitting 41 people at home and leading the AL with 123 RBI. Although he followed two more 30-plus-homer season, hip injury in 2016 and a calf in 2017 in his production.

Last season, Donaldson had limited to 52 games according to the inclination of the shoulder and the issues of calves. The short-term deal with the Braves gives Donaldson an opportunity to show that he is healthy and back to form, possibly establishing a huge day pay day in the next free agent market .

For Atlanta, he provides another great slugger that is needed in the middle of the command to take Freddie Freeman, especially as he is not aware whether the team will make a serious run in bringing Nick Markakis out from the unpaid agent.

General manager Alex Anthopoulos attended the news conference for McCann but did not comment on signing Donaldson.

McCann was left to talk about Braves's unintentional acquisition, that the team did not publish official until later hours.

"I do not know if I was supposed to say that," said McCann, sounding a little embarrassing. "I read it on Twitter."

"I do not even know who that is," stopped Anthopoulos.

History with Anthopoulos

In fact, Donaldson and the GM have a relationship that goes back to days in Toronto. Anthopoulos served in the same position for the Blue Jays until 2015, working out the wonderful trade that brought Donaldson from Oakland.

A news conference with Donaldson was arranged for Tuesday. Adam McCreery, Brave's designated left identifier, wants an assignment to make Donaldson a place on the 40-man list.

Atlanta's signal from Donaldson raises questions about the future of Johan Camargo, 24, who had a cut season in the third base. Taro .272 with 19 homers and 76 RBIs before going 0 to 15 in Los Angeles Dodgers Division Series loss.

Camargo, who has also played the short, second base and even one game in the left field during his short league career, can upgrade the Atlanta bench as a top – a big priority after Braves took a play play platform that included the diaries of Ryan Flaherty and Lane Adams. Or, if there is an opening in the outside field, Camargo could have a picture to play alongside Ronaldie of the Year Ronald Acuna Jr. a Gold Glover Ender Inciarte.

McCann, who turned 35 in February, left the Braves to sign a $ 85 million agreement with New York Yankees. After Gary Sanchez appeared, McCann was traded to Houston and helped the Astros win their First World title in 2017.

But McCann became bad this year, hitting a low career .212 with seven homers and 23 RBIs in 63 games. He lost about two months because of arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in July.

Strong leader

Although the Braves has mostly signed McCann for his leadership abilities and the opportunity to work with young start-ups, Anthopoulos said he was hopeful that the keeper would bounce back- sentence "now his knee is set. Reports are very strong, think that the interior is great, beyond everything else that he brings. "

McCann will share play time with Tyler Flowers in what she hopes Braves will be another effective duo behind the plate, similar to what they had in the last two terms with Flowers and Kurt Suzuki.

Recently, Suzuki signed a two-year deal with the Washington East East England competition.

McCann thanked Charlie Culberson for agreeing to give her the best No. 16, which the utility player was wearing in 2018 for the Braves.

"I have to have something nice for him," said McCann. "That number means much to me. That's the number I was wearing my first nine years." "It's special."

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