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Bounty Hunter's Dog Dogs Chapman After Emergency Blood Surgery


Dogs of the Bounty Hunter

Beth Wraig What Falls to Hospital …

Emergency Blood Surgery

11/27/2018 10:17 AM PST

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Beth Chapman – wife to Dogs of the Bounty Hunter – has been blocked to surgery to eliminate a life threatening obstruction in his throat … TMZ has confirmed.

Sources tell us that it's hard for What to breathe overnight and was bound to the Cedars-Senai Medical Center in early March … where doctors discovered a large field in their neck.

Our sources say that What has been given under anesthesia during the past 30 minutes and its emergency surgery is about to start.

We saw Dog and Beth leaving Craig in West Hollywood on Monday, both of them appeared in a great spirit – with interesting interest Tekashi69& S situation of bail. Clearly, he took things worse for worry after they came home.

Beth undertook surgery last year to eradicate a cervical tumor of her throat, but was subsequently diagnosed with cancer.

Family attorney, Andrew Brettler, tells us that the condition of What is serious and everyone hopes for the best result.

We are told that Dog is the side of What is in the hospital, and there is more family on the way.

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