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Birds of prey try to tie the Eastern 2-2 finals


Pascal Siakam carefully stepped down from the conference podium to the press on Monday, helping a member of staff of predators for help.

Kyle Lowry spoke to reporters with his left hand to hurt him stuffed in his blue compress oven glove.

Kawhi Leonard was not available to the media at all.

A day after they won a 118-112 victory over Milwaukee in double overtime, Toronto Raptors felt each of the 58 minute hard.

When asked about Leonard's health, who scored 36 points despite the fact that he was slipping through the night, Nick Nurse, the raptor instructor, said he was still wandering from the previous night: “I He believes that the consensus today is tired, and he has two days and will be ready to go. These are kind of the words coming out of his mouth: A little tired, but he will be resting, having two days, and he'll be ready. ”

Leonard who was injured, who plastered Giannis Antetokounmpo on the defensive head would hold the Greek Freak to just 12 points, a huge blow to the Raptor. They chase the 2-1 Bucks in their best of seven Eastern Conference series. A loss at Games 4 in Toronto would mean winning 5 games in Milwaukee.

“This is about recovery at the moment, rest as much as your body needs to rest,” said Lowry, who shot his left thumb in Game 7 of the conference semifinals. “No one at this time of the season is 100 percent but you are reaching a point where you feel good and go into; next game. Your job is your job, adrenaline takes over, the preparatory work takes over so be prepared to go for (Tuesday). "

Siakam, who was wearing a Toronto FC shirt in the media on Monday _ the back reading “Spicy Skills” _ had the opportunity to stop overtime, but two loose discards with 7.4 seconds left in regulations. The great Cameroon man was wounded when asked for a few times about the failures.

“He'll still be talking free at man throwing,” said Siakam, who contacted two key loose throws with 16 seconds left in the second overtime. “They had just gone in. The others were not. I don't know what to tell you. ”

One of the main minds of Bucks' availability on Monday with the media was that Milwaukee's loss was more about the Bucks playing badly, the Raptors did not play well.

“I know we can do better, so we'll watch a movie and get better,” says Buck, the big man Nikola Mirotic.

The birds of prey disagreed.

“That's how they're supposed to feel,” said Danny Green. “We didn't play well either. We survived that game with how bad we shot the ball, but we haven't had a good shooting game as a team of the whole series. I expect we will shoot better in Game 4. ”

Green could not shoot much worse. The 31-year-old, who has presented a pre-game as “the silver man from three points!” Shot 46 per cent deep in the regular season. Sunday night, it was 1-for-9 from the field, and 1-for-6 of three.

Fred VanVleet, whose TV broadcasters call it “Steady Freddy,” has only been shot three points falling from 37.8 percent in the regular season to 19.5 percent after the season. Sunday, he was woeful of 1-for-11 of the field, and made only one of his eight shots of depth.

One single pointer per night was a key one, coming early in the first overtime.

“We gave him back in and I told him, 'You've hit one here for a man,' he said. and he's going to me; and I said 'OK,'; so we drew one to him and he said, ”said Nurse.

Green said that some of his shots on Sunday were unbalanced. Some were rushed.

“But on the whole, I was missing,” said Green. “You have to continue to take those pictures with confidence. Next one _ I told Nick to Nick. I had one in the chamber for him at some point. Fortunately it came. He called my number. To coach do that, to have the confidence in me, to be 0-for-8 at the time and to reach the next one. . . He felt good. Hopefully it will start rhythm, build for the next game. ”

Lowry had more rest than she was bargained on Sunday after fouling halfway through the fourth quarter. The five-star man, who has been on his feet, admired the excitement of these play plays, that his left thumb was injured affecting his play.

“Obviously, we don't help because I am soiled. I have to calculate how to use the other hand and be effective, ”he said. “You've got to be a bit more careful, certainly there's something you think about it but it's not important. Honestly. ”

How can it close?

“I don't know,” Lowry made guns. “Try not to think about it. It's going to hurt, it'll be sore but you are pushing through it. At this time of year, you are pushing through whatever you go through. You have to make things happen whatever you can. When it hurts every time I do something, you notice it. You're getting hit, stuff like that.

“But, anyway, you're thinking about it.”

The Raptor has never come back to win a series after starting 0-2, although they have twice come back to tie a series. Last season, Cleveland started 0-2 in the finals of the conference against Boston before rallying to win the series.

Sunday's OT victory was a huge lifeline for birds of prey. No NBA team has come back from being down 0-3 to win a series.

Game 5 is Thursday at the Fiserv Forum.

BOTTOM LINE: The Bull Milwaukee visits Toronto's predatory patients in the Eastern Conference final with 2-1 in the series. The birds of prey won the previous 118-112 matchup. Kawhi Leonard scored 36 points to help lead Toronto to the victory and George Hill recorded 24 points in the loss to Milwaukee.

The birds of prey have gone against the opponents of the Eastern Conference. Toronto's averages 45.2 rebounds per game and 27-7 when winning the rebound battle.

The Bucks are 27-14 in road games. Milwaukee third in the league scored 53.3 points in the paint per game, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo on average 17.5.

TOP performers: Leonard has an average of 34.1 points and collected 9.5 rebates when shooting 51.6 percent over the last 10 games for Toronto.

Khris Middleton leads the buckets on average at 2.3 point points when scoring 18.3 points of the game and shooting 37.8 per cent from beyond the arc. Danny Green leads the birds of prey with 2.5 making 3-pointers and an average of 10.3 points when shooting 45.5 per cent from beyond the arc. . Antetokounmpo has averaged 26.3 points and added 12.7 together when shooting 48.3 per cent over the last 10 games for Milwaukee.

DURING SPORTS: Bucket: Average of 116.4 points, 53.7 rebounds, 25.0 assists, 6.9 step and 6.7 block of the game while shooting 45.3 percent of the field. On average, their opponents have risen by 102.9 points on 39.8 per cent of shooting.

Birds of Prey: Average 104.3 points, 42.9 rebounds, 22.1 assists, 8.1 bearing and 4.5 block the game while shooting 44.1 percent of the field. Their opponents have 99.8 points on average at 41.2 percent of shooting.

Birds of prey: Patrick McCaw: out (personal), OG Anunoby: out (attachment).

Bucks Injuries: Pau Gasol: out for the season (ankle), Donte DiVincenzo: out for a season (heel), D.J. Wilson: out (ankle).

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