Monday , November 23 2020

BioWare outlines next few months of Anthem & # 39;

You will find three new events in the Freeplay mode before the end of February. In March, things are getting a bit more weird with New Presentations and rewards on top of further events. Meanwhile, April will introduce guilds (think clans), a new Masters System for character sequence, lead guides and new Confirmation on top of more events and trips.

The company appraised "an increasing list of improvements" in addition, said the team's Chad Robertson.

BioWare has an incentive to expand Anthem fast. Although the game was not as fast as it was Fallout 76, there is no question that he had received a warm response – and the company knows it. Such a map gives an incentive to existing players to keep around, and they may point out newcomers from early reports.

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