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Beyond the Headlines: Leafs, Matthews are moving forward towards a new deal

Beyond Headlines & # 39; diverted deeper to some of the stories discussed – and even those who were not – every week on Hockey Night at Headlines & # 39; Canada.

There is a deal to do.

In fact, if we are to discriminate in negotiations, the disputes are quite high that Auston Matthews will sign his extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs before our next part of Headlines.

It is not a 100 percent guarantee, take-to-bank, but an increasingly meaningful dialogue between the side and Los Angeles player's agent, Judd Moldaver, has taken a red eye fly to Toronto over the weekend, and # 39 ; n intend to stay in the city during this small Leafs banner this week.

The progress, interestingly, turns to a common understanding that the best way to move forward is not an eight year contract. Simply, there is not enough value to be currently in a max-time agreement, for either team or player, and it itself changes from & # 39; The logic that governed second contracts for Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Jack Eichel and Mark Scheifele.

Leafs and Team Matthews management drill down on five and six-year options – deals with whether they would buy their main offensive and include either one or two UFA season while still leaving the player in position to cash again at 26 or 27.

Let's go on with hot temperatures and make it clear that no shorter term has nothing to do with Matthews for anxious to leave the city or # 39; the organization. No, with Leafs facing a pay cap squeeze, instead it offers the best way to meet two important conditions:

a) Put Matthews into the highest tier of compensation among NHL players

b) Leaving Toronto with the flexibility needed to navigate its window for the Stanley Cup competition

The range for expected Matthews expected is somewhere to the north of $ 11 million and to the south of a maximum AAV of $ 12.5 million from the McDavid league, until the final donation in the bargaining board and who comes in five or six years.

It will break down the best for a long term contract and set a new market for the robustness of elite Group 2 agents that need new treatments this summer, many of which have deliberately rejected their own discussions at Wait to see what Matthews would end.

Expect the contract to be paid hard when signing bonuses, and each the Rich Sheets have been used as a sweetener in several recent discussions. (Among the payment payments they are supposed to come to come this July 1: John Tavares, $ 14.99 million; William Nylander, $ 8.3 million; Frederik Andersen, $ 3 million; Patrick Marleau, $ 3 million; Nikita Zaitsev, $ 3 million ; to Nazem Kadri, $ 2 million).

There are still some possible points in the Matthews talks, such as the amount of frontline money and the general contract structure. The Leafs will also want to keep the AAV as low as possible, knowing that every additional $ 100,000 makes a difference in a hard cap system, even when you're talking about a larger class not a total of $ 55 million.

But the general manager, Kyle Dubas, has already expressed a desire to get this agreement before the trading deadline February 25 – "Yes, it would be helpful to me," he said recently – and Matthews was striking after 3-2 on Saturday to win over Pittsburgh when asked for the progress we mentioned on Headlines.

"There's no secret a cap. So try to find something that works for both sides and clearly helps us with that whole situation," he told reporters. "I'll leave them and just keep playing a hockey, and after it has been done, it will be done. That will be that."

If everything went as planned and the Matthews extension would be completed in the next few days, the focus will move straight to Mitch Marner.

Previously, his agent, Darren Ferris, has expressed a desire to hold talks on holding until after the season but the Leafs will look back to see if there is a wiggle room there. Once the Marner camp identifies the definitive number of Matthews, their own path to an extension should be clearer.

Assuming that the Toronto kid wants to stay in Toronto, it's likely to make the biggest sense to act quickly and get rid of huge potential attention before the most important time of year.


Tired: Marner will be a targeted offer target.

Wired: Kasperi Kapanen will be the target of a motion sheet.

Okay, we're proud.

All guesses on this topic are hard to take with no more than salt grains given the recent history of the sport. Simply: offer sheets have not proved to be a useful tool for the acquisition of NHL players and there are two clear reasons for that.

First, they need a team to offer a limited agent contract for now far beyond the market value that is unlikely to be matched. Secondly, they require that team to be ready to surrender as much as four first round options as well as distributing a flowering contract. And third – this point is often ignored – the player must then be ready to sign a motion sheet, putting his current team in order to open himself for some scrutiny that most would prefer.

If offering leaflets had any success rate, we would all be talking about the clear and current danger Bay Bay Lightning faced with Brayden Point. He is 22 years old, it is projected that a completely absolute stud center No. 1 and Melt less than $ 10 million will be available for the next season.

But does anyone really believe that Point can be convinced to leave a top team in a hugely desirable NHL city even with silly money on a bid sheet? What about Marner? That is not a bet that I would do.

Now, you may be able to engage with me in a debate about tier players such as Kapanen. There is a situation where a team offers a contract, the Leafs are not satisfied / able to match this summer and just have to give them the best, first and second choices as compensation to do.

That is similar to what happened with Dustin Penner in 2007, when Duches Anaheim was taking forward the second contract of Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry who chose not to fall by matching an annual offer of $ 4.25 million Edmonton.

It's a proof that it can happen.

But there is a rough one-by-a-decade event that requires a specific set of circumstances that do not usually include a star level player.


Interesting nugget from Elliotte Friedman at the front of the trade trade of Artemi Panarin: Interested teams will not be allowed the Blue Columbus Jackets to talk to him for a contract extension before completing trade.

There is an anti-intuitive approach, but one that makes some sense.

Although Columbus would obviously do the best to return if the procurement team knew that Panarin would be able to sign up for an eight-year extension, this tact is make the trading process a lot cleaner. There is a reason to doubt the willingness of the talented bone to negotiate with anyone before hitting the open market this summer – just as he has repeatedly talked to talks with the Blue Jackets in in recent months – and so it eliminates a possible song and dance that could hold commercial discussions.

Panarin is already a rare and extremely valuable product as it is. Even only 27, the score point score for the NH2 game is 292 and is well above that level of season.

In essence, we will never see someone moving well like rent on the closing date, but this is not a normal situation.


The crux of this buyer's market is how great the vendors will be ready to take their assets in the long run. Nick Kypreos drew attention to the fine balance in Headlines, noting that everyone is looking for a first-round option in exchange for good players but just so much that product exists .

Toronto has already traded its first round to Los Angeles. San Jose has earmarked for Buffalo. Tampa is tied tightly in a previous agreement with New York Rangers, just as St Louis does with Sabers.

Even aggressive buyers are historically well-known for sharing with chips, such as Jim Rutherford of Pittsburgh Penguins, sure he will be trading 2019 first this time. He says he goes to bed every night telling himself that he will not.

We will find out if he has a heart change in the next three weeks.

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