Saturday , July 2 2022

Bethesda Provides Fallout for All Fallout Owners' Collection 76


It seems to be the Softworks Bethesda Apology Tour Fallout 76 has reached a new point as the company gives free copies of another game for owners away. As you know, a fanbase of Fall off It's basically getting ridiculed against Bethesda about all the issues that are still collecting Fallout 76, and the company has been working hard to try and solve things and get it right with the fans. In the latest movement, the company announced today that anyone who bought the game and logged in will get a free copy of Classic Fallout Collection as a free gift in January.

That is not too short of an apology note from the company, because there are many people who would like to own it if they are not already. But for those who do that or who are still mad Fallout 76Final product, they'll probably see it as the company trying to buy their way out of the situation with another item they do not want to get in the first place. Remember also, although it applies to all owners, the only PC game. We see what the public response to, but so far on social media, the response is truly mixed.

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