Wednesday , June 29 2022

Becky is Responding to a Mixed Championship Game, NYC Building Lighting Dinner


Becky Lynch Response to the Royal Rumble Championship Game

Becky Lynch has responded to the news that she will not face Asuka at the Royal Rumble. For those unidentified, he was disclosed on paper to repeat the WWE Major Event that Asuka and Becky would confront at the event. However, it has now revealed that this will not happen at the event. Similarly, this is the result of WWE who wants to enforce the award that automatic remedies for promoters are no longer given. Also because Becky's inclusion is likely to be included in the Royal Rumble Women.

The Man responded to this news on Twitter by saying:

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John Dinner Lighting State Building Empire (Video)

John Cena, the honorable of the Bumblebee, had provoked the State Empire Building for the benefit of Making-A-Wish:

John Cena joined the star "Bumblebee" Hailee Steinfeld at Empire State Building for a special lighting ceremony.

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