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B.C. group calls for increasing sea lions harvesting to slowly growing population

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Published Tuesday, November 27, 2018 8:36 AM EST

A non-profit group in British Columbia calls for the expansion of indigenous hunting rights to stop increasing numbers of sea lions attacking the banks of Vancouver Island.

The Pinniped Pacific Balance Association calls mammals into invasive species that squeeze pigs on the local fishing industry.

Thomas Sewid, member of the group, said that United Nations communities should be allowed to harvest more sea lions. He added that meat can be eaten and the flower can be used in nutritional supplements.

The owner of Campbell Whalen River Nick Templeman, who opposes the idea, says that there is insufficient proof of sea bonuses damaging the local fishing industry and believes that whales will kill Naturally destroys the population of the lion.

CTV, Vancouver Island, arrived at the Fisheries and Oceans Department to comment on the idea, but did not respond before broadcasting time.

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