Thursday , August 11 2022

AT & T and Hasbro draw YouTube ads over abuse claims


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AT & T is the largest American telecommunications company

AT & T and Hasbro have become the latest companies to draw YouTube ads over the claims that pedophiles leave abusive comments next to videos of children on stage.

The telecoms and toymaker company follows Nestle, the giant food, who said on Wednesday that he had also "prepared" his advertisements.

YouTube commented that she had received disabled comments on millions of videos that could "be the subject of huge comments".

This is not the first time he has been angry with the comments left on his site.

The latest allegations led Wednesday, when YouTube vlogger claimed that pedophiles turned to innocent videos of children and opposed them in the comments section.

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Matt Watson also claimed that time stamps on videos marking children's holes.

The vlogger said that advertisements for companies such as Nestle and Disney had run before the videos, allowing YouTube to "exploit" the exploitation.

A spokesman for AT & T, the largest American telecommunications company, said: "Google Length [which owns YouTube] it can protect our brand from insulting content of any kind, we delete all ads from YouTube ".

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Toymaker Habro has also pulled her advertisements

Hasbro said he "stopped all ads on YouTube, and arrived at Google / YouTube to understand what action they are going to take to address this issue and prevent such content from appearing on their platform in the future ".

According to reports, Disney and McDonald's have also stopped their advertisements.

And the Epic Games, the manufacturer of the popular Fortnite video game, has said she "put all the advertising before the roll" on the stage.

YouTube said that it had taken "immediate action" by eliminating criminal accounts and reporting on the illegal activity for authorities.

He also commented that he had received disabled comments on tens of millions of videos that could "be the subject of astonishing comments".

"There is more to do, and we continue to work to improve and catch faster faster," he said.

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YouTube has gone to this type of problem in the past.

Part of a system for reporting on sexual observations left on children's videos did not act correctly for more than one year, the BBC Trends investigation was discovered in 2017.

And many companies, including AT & T, Marks & Spencer and Audi have taken advertisements in the past after they have appeared alongside videos that promote theories of plotting, white nationalism and terrorist groups.

Despite increasing pressure on Google and YouTube to fall on offensive content, company advertising revenue continues to grow.

Their parent company, Alphabet, won nearly $ 137bn (£ 105 billion) in revenue in 2018, up 23% of the previous year.

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