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Anthem Day One Patch is Out early, Read Full Download Notes


Following the partial release of the forthcoming Anthem update, BioWare has released a larger list of patch notes and released the update. This "one-day tag" will wait for players who can purchase the game on their extensive release day, but it comes several days to the early access stage.

BioWare published the official notes on Reddit. Although the original list is long, the new one is even more extensive. It lists more than a dozen new changes, along with minor updates and reviews of some of the tweaks that were already on the list. Like this, the high-level focuses focus on time loads, causing accidents and finger loading, and challenge tracking. Other improvements include changes to Statements, Crafting, UI, and much more.

Anthem went live on Friday, February 15, for players with EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access on PC. Both offer a 10-hour trial, and unlimited access to the Premier Access Origin is allowed. Those players have been experiencing the game without these improvements for almost a week. The full game will go live at midnight on Friday, February 22, in your local time zone.

"Anthem has good ideas, but it has significant troubles with the action," said Kallie Plagge's critic in GameSpot's Anthem review. "A collaborative game that works best with no one speaks; it creates a very interesting character and gives its most unacceptable story pieces at the forefront, its fighting is exciting until you get to fight the head and find that your wings have been clipped. Despite the constraints you still make, the simple, exciting series of flight is often and never shake the feeling That's a disappointment – from knowing, throughout the good parts of Anthem, that you will inevitably come down. "

Once you pick up your copy, make sure you claim your edition bonuses before ordering and a special edition. In addition, you can look at a short film from the Area 9 director and Chappie Neill Blomkamp.

Anthem Day One Update Patch Notes

High-level repairs

  • Downloading times for older disk drives
  • Fixed a lot of infinite loading screens
  • Fixed multiple challenges that do not trace properly
  • There have been a number of issues that caused players to disconnect or crash
  • There are now numbers and tools present for adapters

General Settings and Improvements

  • Loot Reveal Now and Expedition Summary now plays correctly during the screen at the end of the trip.
  • The collection party mechanism has been made more gracious in many situations
  • At the end of the campaign, screen players will no longer be "Record Victory" or "Sgipping All".
  • Game is no longer hanging in the Javelin menu when unlocking the second, third or fourth bracken
  • During the mission "What's Free Lecturers" dies after slaughter Junkmaw and release Arcanists let you not move on, this is set
  • Challenges now unlock players at the right levels
  • Set up some camera issues during cutscenes
  • Legendary Contracts can now be accepted by the Hub Hub contract board
  • Some enemies have their shield values ​​decreasing
  • Download now falls right for players that have dropped
  • The quality of the Prospero NPC texture has improved
  • The final header of strongholds now leaks instead of being displayed at the end of the exit screen
  • The schedule on waves and keys stopped to prevent grief and treat disconnections properly
  • Players can no longer fall through the floor during the third trial in Fortress of Dawn
  • Completing the tutorial journey now will show the appearance of the correct Keeper
  • After disconnection, re-joining trips will now give you back to a squad if you were in a front
  • Correct a matter where players interact with each other in the bay can not launch in some circumstances
  • Correcting a matter during the "Good Deal" Mission where differences will not spawn, preventing progress
  • The start of the expedition screen has improved
  • Having tackled a variety of situations where the killings of enemies are not going on enough on world events
  • The opening of a quest now increases the Tomb of the Legionnaire increase for each member of the squad that is present
  • Scar snipers can not shoot through Shield Storm
  • Correct issue where players would stay on screen at the end of the tour in some situations
  • Players will no longer be disconnected if they join the "Find Old Friends" mission while the cinematographer plays
  • Have been tackling a number of situations where players can stay on the environment in the launch bay
  • Increase damage to the impact of electricity status
  • Correct issue where Shield of Dawn's craft could be obtained with fewer materials that were intended in some situations
  • Now the Platinum Mission is completing it as planned
  • The effects of status can be more reliable to Titans
  • Fixed loading animations on Marksmen Rifles
  • Players can now go to the Vault of the Forge
  • Swimming into underwater seafood now no longer has a visual impact on players.
  • Inflexible animations will no longer fit over time at the Lawns Bay
  • Haluk is no longer a dual gun in the epilog scene
  • Correct a matter where players interact with each other in the bay can not launch in some circumstances
  • Set a problem that could cause players in the launch bay to have emotes the same and can not use them
  • Interceptions drug cap animations will no longer extend in some situations
  • Correct issue where the appearance of a default Guardian is not an oven forecasts in some situations
  • All animations now play as planned in the Forge
  • Players can now enter the Tomb of Gwanes while in a party
  • The state wears default Javelin has changed from "Budr" to "Old"
  • The Sentinel 2 Loyalty text is no longer inaccurate stating that it will result in more broadband
  • Raising ammo of the ground now gives you 30% of that ammo back to the current magazine and spare ammo maximum maximum.
  • Set up a bug where global inscription bonuses (Javelin Icon) were not applied to Javelin and other tools / tools.
  • Set up some issues that could cause the Armor Pip on the UI to break and not display properly


  • Determined a problem that would cause a Confirm server crash after defeating the last head
  • Temple of Scar – Players can not stretch in the excavator tunnel now
  • Temple of Scar – Players can no longer be allowed to enter the explosion room due to the back wall
  • Fixed Tyrant Mine so that people who join the current stronghold can not be locked away from their team
  • Lighted Lightening underwater Waterwave made it easier to go to the exit
  • The Tyrant Swarm will no longer be stuck in the side cave entrances in some situations
  • Correct issue where players spawned into different areas of Tyrant Mine in some situations
  • Implement more safeguards to prevent players becoming AFK in Confirmation


  • Only Master's items now can not be used to move the Master of Work's challenges as planned
  • Correct issue where some Challenges track progress at the same time rather than gradually, as planned. (before: Blast Off, then Blast Missile II instead of both increasing at the same time

Gear and Arms

  • After having a first pilot pilot unlocked after tutorial sessions, creating a new pilot and is going to no longer cause hanging a load screen
  • Ice damage bonuses have now been correctly applied to ice equipment
  • Online bonus bonuses of inscription now work very well
  • Players can no longer save equipment items
  • Javelin gear and / or weapons can not be used more than they are not intended to use
  • Correct a matter where there are no inscriptions in some Masterpieces Components in certain circumstances
  • The Ultimate Siege Master's Worker in Awtocannon now shows an increase of damage of 0% in his instrument sheet
  • Specific toolminding bonuses across all that come from extensions have now been correctly applied
  • Network Error Message does not now appear when opening an item quiz in the second tutorial
  • Colosus shoulder gear now shares the appearance of the rest of the stone as planned
  • Deadeye has increased spare ammo 10 -> 20
  • Cloudburst has had more damage 16.3 -> 21
  • Torrent has got more harm 22.2 -> 28.6
  • Lightning Strike pre-imaging will now accurately show that the explosion turns to the floor.
  • (Ranger) Difrod Base Inferno Grenade 130 -> 175
  • (Interceptor) Cryo Glaive base damage Damage 20 -> 50
  • (Storm) Basic Damage Living Flame 50 -> 60
  • (Storm) Geological base basin damage 150 -> 120
  • (Storm) Secondary Damage Arc Burst 100 -> 150
  • (Ranger) Pulse Blast 225 -> 300 base damage, and now deals with additional damage to Shields (no previous damage to Armored was previously made).
  • (Ranger) Missile Blast is now grading in damage as the level of the item increases
  • (Interceptor) Melee attacks now have some minor resistance penetration
  • The ability of Major Impact Areas will better register multi-slaughter activities for challenges and medals
  • The Spark Dash function has improved significantly when the target enemy is at a different height (above / below) of the Interceptor.
  • A number of gear pieces that had been detected with detected or detonator icons have been installed.
    • Interceptor
      • Strike Tempest – Icon Detonator
      • Spark Dash – Icon Detonator
      • Spywraid Venom – Icon Primer
      • Troi Daro – Icon Primer
    • Colossus
      • Lightning Coil – Icon Detonator
      • Shock Coil – First Icon
      • Flamethrower – First Icon
  • A number of improvements have been made to ensure that using computer equipment prioritises turning the Javelin towards the reticle when it is used rather than turning in front of the current Javelin address.


  • The Colossus stone can now be able to operate its shield faster after using the ability or discharge of a weapon
  • Storm javelin is now reacting to hit when its pieces are over
  • After checking a static that allowed the last assault of Storm to be used more time than the intention
  • The Colosus exo is now a shield and regenerates at the same time
  • Compact Interceptor Aura has increased in power and now there is damage over a time component
  • The melee keeper now has a fall in the air
  • Light Target ability now targets targets correctly
  • Spray Dash and Venom Spray are now targeting based on a player's player instead of a faced character. This should also improve the Spark Dash travel route.
  • The Colosus will no longer be removed from the sky in some situations when the surface was suspended by their shield

Effects of Combos + Status

  • Combo indicator icons above creatures are now removed when they are turned off.
  • When Storm reveals the effect of electricity status, the electric shock has now crashed properly.
  • Combo damage now pervades resistance


  • Non-Worker-related materials purchased from the graphing shop now show their very rare rather than show wrong as a Workmaster
  • There are now several javelin components with different icons for their recipes and the actual items the same
  • The Cry Cry gear gear now has the right description
  • Gear Fixed Spark Sounds with the wrong description when it's sketched
  • Scratching recipes have now been sorted in alphabetical order
  • Items in the scratching shop have now sorted them up to be clearer


  • Improvements have been made for additional mouse and Keyboard control


  • Some conversations did not highlight the good points after completing the chat, this has been set
  • The squad screen now shows the correct information for each player
  • Set up a number of issues where subtitles are not stuck on the screen after the dialogue has finished so often
  • No resettlement settings should no longer be left and restart the game on Xbox One
  • The offer can now be canceled correctly
  • Electricity Effect Effect now shows a gradual damage properly
  • An option has been added to hide HUD Member of the Squad
  • The edge of the compass will now press to identify enemy locations
  • A notice has been added in Fort Tarsis if the player's branch is on the cap of 250 items
  • At the "Repair Danger" step of "A Cry for Help" the search radar has to adjust to lead the player correctly to all 4 tools
  • Heat and disconnect icons have been added to all Interceptor tools
  • Correct the issue of a user interface where a player would ultimately show as available when it is not
  • Toggling the option HDR now suggests the Apply Changes button
  • Player banners should now display correctly
  • A slip & camera slider was added to the settings menu
  • Players can now track 10 challenges instead of 5
  • An option to adjust screen boundaries on consoles has been added
  • Changing a player banner through the flag menu now saves the choice
  • Key health, falls, and bindings now illuminate on supported keyboards
  • Players now receive clearer messages when a squad is eliminated or kicked off a cohort
  • Squad leaders will not always show how ready
  • The icon for players in condition has not dropped now appears in cutscenes
  • Annotations Cypher will now appear for more than one player if they are looking at it at the same time
  • Recharge on the UI player was removed when they died in a limited area
  • The Player Banner now updates immediately when it is updated from the squad screen
  • Set up a number of situations where combo is triggering but no joint text will appear
  • Pressing sc to pass a scanned screen now does not open the menu in the game
  • Fast chat messages will no longer appear from an ignored player
  • A message was sent from the mailbox that incorrectly stated that messages will be deleted after 3 days
  • Many inscription icons have been updated to reflect whether they are Javelin specifically or not
  • Correct issue where players can not change load names on PC
  • Players do not have to leave again and re-join the forge for uploading updates
  • The on-screen display of the VOIP indicator will no longer be active if that player or juice
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