Thursday , July 7 2022

an engineer behind the horrible YouTube video bombing admits some of it fake


A composite image of Mark Rober explains his plan, and the glitter bomb in action.

YouTube / Mark Rober

  • Mark Rober, an old NASA engineer who built a glitter bombs package that exploded after being stolen, admitted that elements of a viral video are fake.
  • Two of the "thieves" called filming actually put the box on the prank.
  • Rober said they had exploded by a friend of a friend, who offered to put the pack on their portal.
  • YouTuber has redirected the video and apologized to viewers.

It's one of the viral videos of the year, but elements of it were unintentionally fake.

That's the fact that Mark Rober has accepted, the old NASA engineer who has built a glitter bombs package is exploding after being stolen from a front gate.

The YouTube idea has more than 40 million holidays, but three days after being posted, Rober said that the elements of the video section did not appear as they appeared.

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Much of the video focuses on a Rober that creates the package, but the payment fee comes to the end, when it's recorded & # 39; secretly when acting in the hands of incredible thieves.

In a statement published on Twitter, Rober said that all the victims of prank pack were not real thieves.

A friend told a friend to set the pack on their portal, and back, Rober paid for the successful recovery of the device. Rober's stakeholders have appeared to have turned some friends into the box, and two of these mockers make the final cut of the video.

"In both cases (and I have confirmed since) in both these cases, the thieves were really familiar with the person who helped me," says Rober. Since then they have been cut off the video.

"I'm sorry for this," he added. "I'll be responsible for the content that goes on my channel and I should do more here. I can make the reactions valid when the package came from my house. That said, I know that my credibility is a kind of shot. "

You can read Mark Rober's full statement here:

Here's a version that meant to be a viral video:

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