Thursday , December 3 2020

Amy Adams explains I Kimmel & # 39; Why did she have to reject Brad Pitt's Hug!

Amy Adams have stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (13 December) and explained why she would have to reject a driver Division producer Brad Pitt!

The 44-year-old Golden Globe nominee transforms into old Second Dame Lynne Cheney in the movie opposite transformation Christmas ballet like Dick Cheney. BradB company produces a producer.

"I came to the set one day," Amy He explained, stating that, before she knew that the actor had turned a producer, all the girls had given "lip glosses" and "skipping".

"I've just been diagnosed with pink life and suddenly I'll see Brad Pitt," Amy continued. "I've seen it before, but every time you think it's going to be like The River runs through it. You imagine yourself looking pretty pretty, like a white nightgown. But that was not the case. I was in my fat suit with a pink eye and it was so sweet and I liked it, and it's good to see you. He went to give me an hug and then I realized I can not beat him, I have a pink eye so I'd like to do it, no, # 39; – and that's when it's the first woman in history to refuse a booter by Brad Pitt. "

Amy Adams Hug of Brad Pitt rejected

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