Wednesday , June 29 2022

Allen, the Blues down Calgary's flames get a third straight loss


CALGARY – It was a bounce for St Louis Jake Allen correspondent.

After deducting four goals from the first time to a loss to Calgary last Sunday, and after giving another four goals on Thursday had lost to Vancouver, Allen stood high on Saturday afternoon, ensuring that 28 saves the back of the Blues to a 3-1 victory over the Flames.

"We really welcomed a very good team here in Calgary, it's probably one of the hottest teams in the league," says Allen, who is improving 12-10-4.

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"They beat our meat quite well in our own circuit a few or two weeks ago. It will feel good now for a couple days away."

Allen was the story in the second phase, giving everything to the best as Calgary started the 13-5 visitors, but St Louis was held to lead 2-1.

Among the saffs, Johnny Gaudreau was stuck at three minutes in. Just over a minute later, Rasmus Andersson, the rookie defender, had also eliminated the Blues defense, but was rejected.

"Jake was definitely our best player in the second phase. It gave us the chance to win," said Tyler Bozak, the power playback at 11:43 for the first, to do 2-0, was the winner-game.

"We've left it down a few times this year by not playing safely and giving many Grad-A opportunities. It's nice for us to come out in the third and get a goal there and build on that lead. "

Allen Gaudreau stopped again at an early cut in the third, less than a minute after Oskar Sundqvist made 3-1.

"There's a man with a lot of tricks in his bag. It's really trying to try to be as patient as you can, until you need to commit," said Allen.

Tkachuk was of the opinion that his club was guilty of thinking that the characters would become easier.

"Tkachuk says just because we're really good against a couple of days a couple, it does not mean he's going to translate automatically to today's game."

"Maybe it's at the back of our minds, if we were shooting everything, some would go in, but I think we need more organizations (i & # 39; r net). "

David Perrron with a goal and assistant, had completed the score for St. Louis (14-16-4). The Blues finish 2-1-0 on their road trip through West Canada. They return to Thursday when they start homestically five games against Buffalo.

Perron has been a Flames killer. His 21 points (nine goals, 11 help) in 16 games since the start of the 2014-15 season is the second part of any player against Calgary, just behind Ryan Getzlaf (26 points in 20 games ).

Matthew Tkachuk scored his 16th goal for Calgary (22-12-3). The leaders of the Pacific Ocean wear into the break will be void in their final three. They are next on Thursday in Winnipeg.

"The bottom line is that we have had a good season up to this point, but now we feel we're going into the break, we're on a bit slide," says Captain Flames , Mark Giordano.

"We're going in, we have to get our energy and legs back, and a big game comes out of the cut against Winnipeg. to let things like this continue. "

This is the loss of Calgary's first domestic regulation since November 15, finishing a 7-0-2 line.

After testing 27 times, Mike Smith takes the loss to fall to 11-8-1. Smith came in on streak to win six games, but David Rittich had started the four previous games.

"It's just a bit rusty, we're just jumping out and we're coming to the break with a taste in your mouth," said Smith.

The Blues had some two minute insurance for the third. Smith was unable to resist a 40-foot Sundqvist refusal and when the puck came back to the slot, Sundqvist buried his sixth goal.

"It's definitely becoming sure," says Blue Craig Berube coach. "This team has a very good character. We have veterans who have been around a bit. They know how to win."

Notes: Llam returned Michael Frolik (ankle) after losing 15 games … St. Louis gets better to 11-1-2 when he leads after two phases.

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