Sunday , October 2 2022

Aliens among us? The Earth may have already visited her, or is currently an ET contact point, an NASA scientist suggests | 1 NEWS NOW


It should discover a recent planetary system that it thought it was more than twice as old as our own should make us reconsider whether an alien rash is higher than we already have already visited the Earth – or maybe it's Even staying here now, uncovered.

That's the NASA scientist Silvano P. Colombano, who has recently been made in a research paper that recommends "a new, more" aggressive "approach to search for a US space agency for additional life.

"Given … the technological development in our civilization began only about 10K years ago, and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies only over the past 500 years, we can think that we can have a real problem in predicting technological evolution for the next millennium, not just about 6 million times and that amount! "wrote Mr Colombano, who is working at NASA's Ames Research Center in California.

"In light of these numbers, I think we need to re-visit even our most interesting assumptions (that) travel between the stellar is impossible or very unlikely."

Although distance and energy, and our own understanding of physics, make such travel impossible for us, there is plenty of space for "energy and matter-time control" to have developed in the older societies, he has.

Other assumptions that need to be questioned, he says, would mean that intelligent civilizations would be based on carbon life like us and that we will be able to identify them through our current system of cosmos scanning for radio waves.

Although it is possible that more advanced alien civilization would continue to use radio waves to communicate, their radio waves could be full of so much knowledge that scientists could now accept and would not be able to differentiate from "noise" , there's a theory.

And a quick look in the last 50 years of computer evolution on the ground shows that "our kind of life and information can be a very small step in continuous evolution," Mr Colombano wrote, suggesting that other civilizations Having hidden the "carbon machines" depends on people for your benefit.

He also suggested that NASA should not give all its energy to explore the most commonly used Golidlocks planets – those considered most similar to Earth – found in recent years.

"Although it is still reasonable and conservative to assume that life is more likely to have resulted from conditions like us, the long time differences in potential evolution mean that the likelihood of technologies & # 39; match it very well, "he said.

The paper encourages NASA to have more open thinking into "speculative physics … with some willingness to extend possibilities in terms of space space and energy"; to direct technologists to look at "how technology could evolve … and symbolize biology with machines"; Sociologists are preparing for what we expect from more developed societies; and to take more serious UFO reports.

"It seems to me that SETI has ignored (at least officially) the potential relevance of UFO phenomena," he said, referring to the acronym for "searching for multiple information".

One of the reasons, which he acknowledged, is "the very high similarities of mock, even error or psychotic events". But if scientists organize all the "noise" with eye about the "phenomena that can not be explained or rejected … we could start a serious investigation".

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