Thursday , August 11 2022

A petition demands Canada to buy Montana from the US


Montana's condition could become the 11th province of Canada.

At least that is the dream that Ian Hammond will hope he will become a reality, as he is the one behind the "Montana Sale to Canada for $ Trillion to delete & # 39 ; the national debt petition "

The petition, created in February and currently shows notable signs of 15,000+, offers a lot of debate over the bargain that changes to the border, except for # 39 ; r the fact that the US is currently sitting on a lot of debt.

"We have too much debt and Montana worthless. Tell them they have a child or something," the whole plea of ​​the petition reads.

Although it is known that Canada loves its goats (they like toothpaste!), It is not possible to determine the chances of a chancellor's government getting $ 1 trillion spare waiting for a large amount of land.

Many commentators left attention explaining why they are selling the state, with Montanans, Canadians, and Americans alike expressing their approval.

"I'm Montana and I hope to join Canada without the mobile costs," said CJ Williams on the page. "Please adopt us."

"I'm in Canada and Canada is getting more cool," said Edgar Desrochers from Australia.

"Certainly, we'll take Montana, why not," wrote Jana Ingram.

It can still be seen whether the leaders of both countries will not allocate their difference to halve details of this historic bargain, but our fingers are definitely crossed to see Montana coming in I'll bend in the next year.

We hope that Montana will not be confused with Manitoba too often once that happens.


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