Wednesday , May 25 2022

A man of murder rejected over excessive hours only against a sexual assault with a weapon


The Provincial Police of Ontario says that the man whose murder charge has been waiting in January after spending more than four years in an individual restriction is now facing a new charge.

Adam Capay was arrested on Friday after an event at Lac Seul. Ont., Around 600 kilometers of Thunder Bay, about 5 March, Sergeant Mike Golding, OPP media co-ordinator and community safety co-ordinator for the north west region said.

He is responsible for sexual assault and weapon.

Capay was arrested by the Lac Lac Police Service in connection with one of the Lake Llyn police investigations, said Golding. In custody and custody, it was re-organized the same day by OPP in connection with the sexual assault investigation.

Capay appeared in court over the weekend and he was remanded in custody, said Golding.

He was supposed to appear court again Monday at Sioux Lookout.

Capay was accused of first degree murder in 2012 in connection with the death of another prisoner at the Thunder Bay Correct Center.

His case rose to prominence in 2016 when the main commissioner of Human Rights Ontario, Renu Mandhane, started the Thunder Bay Bay Area gear in early October of that year. Mandhane reported that Capay had to hold in an individual restriction in a room without a window for more than four years, spending 24 hours a day in artificial light.

Superior Court Court Justice John Fregeau remained a Capay murder on January 28, saying that his treatment had broken a number of constitutional rights – including his rights to life, freedom and security of the person; the right not to be kept unusual; The right not to be the subject of a cruel and unusual penalty; and right to be equal before and under the law.

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