Wednesday , January 27 2021

A Jewish group paint a new Netflix show over a Welsh speaking villain

A leading British Jewish organization has accused Netflix of employing anti-Semitic tropics in his new hero series for having the evil villain, a countless organization leader trying to manage the world, speak Jewish.

Amanda Bowman, y vIce president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews last week said the villain who speaks Welsh “The Umbrella Academy” is playing to the theory of conspiracy of global Jewish supremacy.

“It is clear that the use of a Jewish word by the evil manager in an organization that manages the world's timeline is an anti-semitic drop,” said Bowman, according to British tabloid The Sun.

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“Whether it is deliberate or not, this means very uncomfortable viewing. Netflix should take steps to remove the racism from this scene, ”he said.

“The Umbrella Academy” is the adaptation of the streaming of the comic book of the same name, about a family of brothers and sisters who are disengaged with great powers reuniting to save the world from the imminent apocalypse. The brothers and sisters are against the Commission, a bad organization that manages the timeline in the world and deletes the ones that threaten their control.

In the final chapter, the head of the Commission says several lines are Jewish to their murderers so that their prisoners will not understand them. According to the Sun, as she breathes her murderers for failing in their mission, she changes to Jews to encourage them to kill the siblings, saying: “The eggs are thinking t they are smarter than the chicken.

The report also noted that the original series of comic books by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba had no Jewish character.

The show was first shown on Netflix last month to very positive reviews by judges and viewers. On Monday, reports in US entertainment centers said Netflix had won The Umbrella Academy for a second term.

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