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December 4, 2018 / 9:54 pm | Story:

Ukraine asks Canada to apply more penalties on Russia as new tensions between the neighbors of eastern Europe threaten to break into open conflicts.

The ambassador of the country made the appeal during an appearance before an ordinary committee on Tuesday where he also asked Canada to extend his military training mission in his country and support his attempt to join the NATO military alliance.

Ambassador Andriy Shevchenko also confirmed that Ukraine was close to buying a powerful sniper rifles from a Canadian company, but said that Kyiv still hopes that the federal government will agree to provide weapons as a help.

The appearance of the Shevchenko committee, alongside peers of Georgia and Moldova, came weeks after Russian forces opened fire and seized three Ukrainian death vessels and 24 sailors during conflicts in the Black Sea.

The event was described as the worst round of direct violence between the two countries in the years and followed Russia's support for elections in two eastern regions of Ukraine, votes condemned by Canada and others.

The three ambassadors did not disagree in their criticism of Russian actions in eastern Europe, which were described as deliberately destabilizing, and warned that what happens would have ramifications on the rest of the continent.

Yet, although the three thanks to Canada for its support over the years, Shevchenko also asked that Canada tightens its penalties on Russia in conflicts for the conflicts and elections in the Donetsk and Luhansk.

Even new penalties for the United States and Europe were set before both rabbit and face tunnels were seized near the River Kerch on November 25, and Shevchenko hopes that the event and elections would be encourage Canada to take a follow-up suit.

"We believe it's a good time to tackle the abusions of the sanctions," he told The Canadian Press after the committee meeting. "Our view is that Canada is exploring new ways of putting pressure on Russia. We also feel that we have a co-ordination between Canada and western allies."

Russia has accused Ukraine from provoking the incident, in waters near the Crimean Peninsula, but Canada and other countries have interfered with Ukraine blaming Moscow.

The ambassador also confirms that negotiations are underway over the renewal of the Canadian military training mission in Ukraine, which was established in 2015 and has seen Canada troops training thousands of Ukrainian counterparts.

The mission, which consists of 200 troops, expires in March, but Shevchenko said that his government pressed for an extension as well as expansion that will include adding more personnel as part of increase the presence of NATO in the country.

As for NATO, Shevchenko said that his country hopes that Canada will lead the charge to admit Ukraine as a member after parliament's country agreed last month to draft constitutional changes whose president says that he will force governments & 39; the future to try to join the European Union and NATO.

Canada was one of such movement champions in the past and Foreign Minister Adam Austen said in an email place at the end of March "Canada will be committed to helping Ukraine realize its ambition to become a member or NATO. "

But a number of members of the alliance have taken a more careful approach in recent years during concerns that such a move could start a big war with Russia, which has dropped against a NATO assault and given an assault One member was treated as an attack on everyone.

The purchase of the Ukrainian rifle was made possible when the Liberals of the country added to the Automatic Weapons Country Control List. And while there are other weapons at work campaigns, Shevchenko said that Kyiv is still waiting for hope, even after years of unwanted applications, that Ottawa will provide heavier weapons to help Ukrainian forces better protect themselves.

"Many things have changed," Shevchenko denied refusing Canada from previous applications for mortal aid. "Many things have happened to make Canada many (more) worried and serious about Russia's interference to Ukraine."


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December 4, 2018 / 9:37 p.m. | Story:

Recipient Calgary Stampeder, DaVaris Daniels, described on Tuesday how conflicts increased outside the space of glass being thrown away and then the deadly shot of his friend and team team, Mylan Hicks.

Daniels, who held seven touchdowns for the Canadian Football League team this season, told the court that he, Hicks and another player were standing outside the Marquee Beer Market after closing on September 25, 2016.

He said that two people were in the face of Hicks, and one of the people was increasing the situation even further.

"He had thrown a glass. After that, I'll remember watching it to take a few steps to the left and pull out a gun," said Daniels.

"I saw in his hand. I saw him coming around. I saw him shoot on the ground first."

Nelson Lugela, 21, has pleaded innocently to murder a re-graduate in Hicks' death. Hicks was a member of the Stampeder exercise list and the court has already heard that the team is celebrating a win over Winnipeg when the shooting occurred.

Daniels was just a foot away from the gunman and described Hicks' response.

"I do not think he was expecting him to reach that point. I do not think he was trying to reach that point. He was trying to run but I was very kind to go and address that and I & # 39; n remembers it disappears, "said Daniels.

"I went to the other address into the car park that was trying to get away from the gunman as fast as we could. I did not sprinkle because at the time I did not; I think it's serious … it's trying to be afraid. I just went to the car park and heard more pictures. "

Daniels said that when he thought everything had fallen down, he went to another player, Roy Finch, who told us that Hicks had been shot.

"They tell me that they're shooting, they shoot it. I do not like." No way. happened. Not really & # 39; … As soon as I got around the corner, I saw Mylan, "said Daniels.

"He has one shoe off and his pits had fallen to the floor. I remember that Jamal (my room company) Jamal was holding it, covering what wound he had. He was kind okay. "

The shooter and two other young men jumped into a SUV and disappeared. The police arrested three people about 45 minutes later when they returned to the location.

Daniels and co-team Derek Dennis, who were witnessing Monday, saw the suspect when they were sent to the police station to give a statement.

Aaron Ostlund, a bar at the bar, said he had noticed a "big ruckus" outside and "a lot of shoving and pushing to go on."

He said he saw pulling money SUV money money ahead and jumping out.

"He had a gun in his hand and ran right for me. He was carrying it down low," Ostlund told the court. "I was agressing the door and here I heard pop, pop, pop and I run back in and said Shots fired! Shots fired! Call the cops! ; "

Paul Power, a manager in Marquee, said he was talking to two groups that took part in discipline over a drink that had dropped earlier at night. He said he thought he was settling and then heard about the shoot.

"(Dennis) wearing That man in the white polo shooting my child." It was high, exciting, stimulating, emotional, "said Power, whose brother playing with the team.

Power said that he had checked the club database immediately from all the sponsors scanned that night to see who could identify who was involved.

The trial, which was the last two weeks, was deferred postponed until after the recent Calgary Cup Cup won by Calgary.

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Manitoba man sentenced to prison life for sending bombs for appeal and making more accusations of a plot in the justice system.

Guido Amsel, acting as his own lawyer, asks the province's Court of Appeal to reverse its convictions on four counts of murder and other charges.

Amsel accuses one of the three lawyer who has been represented at different points in the case of evidence taking place with the Winnipeg Police Service.

"Incorporating DNA evidence and display numbers is not legally, illegally," Amsel wrote in documents presented with court this week.

Amsel, 52, was convicted in May to send bombs to his ex-wife and two lawyer in 2015, as well as installing explosives outside the former wife's home two years earlier.

One of the letter bombs are exploding, causing serious injuries to the lawyer of Winnipeg Maria Mitousis, who had represented Amsel's former wife in a dispute over a company owned by the couple. The bomb had to include in a recording device, which exploded when Mitousis pressed a play button. He lost his right hand and held a number of surgeries.

The police explosion led to crossing two other letters, one of which was sent to a legal company that had represented Amsel in another dispute between the couple.

Amsel testified that he was a victim of induction – that his wife and others worked for a frame.

He was found guilty based on DNA evidence, handwriting analysis of letters and other items. The provincial court, Judge Tracey, Lord, said that Amsel had acted in a hard and interesting way, refusing to accept responsibility for his deeds, and to have conspiracy theories that led him to try to reveal those who believed he had stepped -drin.

Last month, Lord Amsel sentenced to life without any chance of negotiating for 10 years for the letter bombs, with an additional 12-year term for the earlier attempt on his ex-wife.

Amsel's appeal notice again refers to DNA evidence.

"The trials judge learned undertook a remarkable mistake in his factual findings that relate to the continuity and integrity of the exhibitors who are determined to have a DNA charged", says the document.

Amsel's appeal notice also says that the Lord is erred in his analysis of the manuscript evidence, his analysis of the credibility of former Amsel wife and other issues.

Amsel also says he is struggling to raise money for an appeal, and does not trust legal aid.

"I am not confident and comfortable with the idea of ​​dealing with legal aid and the Manitoba defense (Advantages) lawyer again," he said.

Note to readers: This is a story that has to be corrected. The previous version says that Amsel was guilty in the last month.


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December 4, 2018 / 8:06 p.m. | Story:

Really waiting for election pledge, the new government of the Quebec Avenir Coalition announced on Tuesday that it will cut immigration by around 20 percent next year despite a shortage of labor across the province.

Too many newcomers are unemployed, they do not speak French and are not fully integrated, the Immigration Minister of Quebec, Simon Jolin-Barrette told correspondents after submitting his immigration targets on for 2019.

Noting the majority mandate received in the October 1 election, Jolin-Barrette said that the public of Quebec supported the government's plan to reduce its immigration objective to 40,000 people next year – a decrease of around 10,000.

The announcement sets up a possible flashline with Ottawa, which has a voice over a share of immigration to Quebec.

First Minister Justin Trudeau queried the plan before Jolin-Barrette even officially made.

"What I've heard across Quebec is entrepreneurs and businesses worried about the shortage of labor," said Trudeau to the reporters on Tuesday morning. "I'm not sure this is the best time to reduce the number of people coming."

Jolin-Barrette said the fall will be temporarily, in order to give the government time to refurbish the immigration system. More resources will be given to teaching immigrants in France and better matching newcomers with job market needs.

"It is not respectful for us to tell people to come here, and they can not find work in their field," said Jolin-Barrette. "This temporary reduction will enable us to have a better balance between newcomers and the needs of the regions and employers."

The cuts to immediate criticism came from the Opposition Liberals, who asked how the government could reduce immigration when businesses across Quebec suffer from a shortage of labor.

The Canadian Independent Business Federation's data was disclosed on Tuesday stating that Quebec has a vacancy rate of 4.1 per cent in its labor market, which represents around 118,000 vacancies. This is the highest rate in the country.

At the time of question, the Dominican Anglo-German liberal immigrant questioned what studies support the reduction, which was the central area of ​​the Coalition election stage. Critics said that the promise aimed at voters outside of Montreal feared that non-francophone immigrants threatened the survival of the French language.

"The only thing that is clear is that they use an arbitrary number – have been supported by ideology," said Anghydde on Tuesday.

The government plan would fall by around 20 per cent and welcome all of the three categories of immigrants to Quebec each year.

Under dealing with federal government, Quebec has control over the choice of economic immigrants known in the province, which are mainly skilled workers and business people. They account for about 70 per cent of new arrivals every year.

The other 30 per cent is chosen by Ottawa. They are either refugees or relatives of people already in Quebec coming through the family reunion program.

If it is to meet new targets, Quebec needs Ottawa's approval to reduce the number of migrants from the second category and the third category. Jolin-Barrette said he was in discussions with the federal government to reach agreement.

"The aim of the two governments is to ensure that the people we welcome here learn French and have a good integration," he said.

But Federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc expressed concern that reducing the number of family reunion applicants would mean that immigrants will stay longer to be joined with their families in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada.

In addition, he told reporters, "the economy of the province" is going well, there is a lack of employees in sectors and regions across Quebec. For us, what is essential is not to disregard & # 39 ; the economic development we want to see in Quebec with immigration policies that do not work. "

Jolin-Barrette said that his government will begin public consultations soon on immigration targets for the post-2019 period. He noted that the government could be open to increasing numbers again beginning in 2020.

Eat First – Start Smart Brand Salad Stimulation – Sweet Kale is known as the market due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

The Canadian Food Inspection agency said they all produced with the best date DEC 03 2018 DE 03
112 319, UPC 7 09351 30243 5 It should not be eaten.

This memory was triggered by the results of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) tests. The CFIA conducts a food safety investigation, which can lead to the retrieval of other products. If other high-risk products are reminiscent, the CFIA will notify the public through updated Customs Alerts.

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December 4, 2018 / 3:41 pm | Story:

Nearly half of all North Atlantic Gulf whales in San Lawrence this year saw during surveillance officers will inform future protection measures.

The Federal Fisheries and Transportation Department gave a Tuesday update on the key findings of last month's meeting on the threatened mammal.

Garry Stenson, a fishery research scientist, estimated that approximately 190 whales have been in the southern Gulf this year, almost half of the remaining population of around 411.

In 2017, 12 correct Northern whales were found dead in the Gulf. Neopropsy found on seven of the four trauma whales consistent with ship collisions while two deaths resulted in interference in fishing equipment.

Stenson said there was clear evidence that increasing the number of correct whales moving to the Gulf starts around 2015.

"Whales were present earlier, in fact there are some records that go back to the 1970s, but they were pretty scarce up to the last few years," said Stenson during a teleconion with reporters.

"But in the general picture of the correct distribution of whales in the Canadian waters, what we see in 2018 is the same as 2017 – we see a large concentration of whales in the southwestern country of St Lawrence Gulf, less whales in the north of Gulf, which are found elsewhere. "

He said that whales can still be found in areas where they were discovered historically – including Bay of Fundy – but on a much lower number.

Stenson said he believed that there were numerous changes and the distribution of whale prey very close to where accurate whales are now found. He stated that the distribution of prey varies from year to year.

"But the same general hot spot regularly appears regularly … who is currently in the Gulf of South Lawrence," says Stenson.

Information from the peer review meeting is used to inform control measures for 2019.

The 2017 Ottawa mortality prompted to implement a number of measures. A slow compulsory zone was implemented in August 2017 which continued until January 2018. Later in 2018, speed restrictions were placed in the Western Gulf. Ottawa also operates the temporary closure of fisheries when the North Atlantic correct whales were discovered in the area.

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December 4, 2018 / 3:29 pm | Story:

The Ottawa and Inuit groups say they have reached an agreement on an extensive new marine protected area in Canada and Arctic which will benefit the people who live there.

The agreement makes the waters to the north of Baffin Island – more than 100,000 square kilometers of some of the richest and most productive seas in North Wales – one step closer to becoming a protected area largest Canada.

"This is about people," said P.J. Akeeagok from the Qitiqtani Inuit Society, who signed the deal on Tuesday at Grise Fiord, Nunavut, with Minister for Federal Environment Catherine McKenna – the same American study day of the Canadian name as a conservation leader in North America.

After calling Lancaster Sound, it is now the Talluruti Im Imi National Marine Conservation Area.

Its cliff coast has laced with bays, inlets and deep quarries. Most of the world's narrative, as well as a large number of Belgian whales and bowhead, swim among its ice layers.

A rich habitat for seals and sailors attracts many polar bears. Birds' sea breeds there in the millions.

Inuit has fought to protect the area since the 1960s. In 2009, they went to court to stop seismic tests that would have assessed the area's oil and gas potential.

"There's an incredible place, an extremely important habitat," said McKenna. "It's also an incredibly important place for Inuit."

The agreement includes posts as Inuit guardians in the five Nunavut communities near the area.

The communities will also be their first small craft harbor to allow people to safely and exit. The agreement includes the promises of mobile food processing facilities to support local hunters and increase the amount of food they can provide for their communities.

"Inuit's potential to create a real economy out of nutritious country food is a game changer," said Akeeagok.

He said that negotiations on track to Tallurutiup Imanga were created officially in March.

The government also announced that it will consider a second protected area in waters even further north, off the northern coast of Ellesmere Island. Inuit groups, Nunavut and Canada will begin to discuss the area of ​​the name of the Arctic High Base or Tuvaijuittuq – Inuktitut for "the ice will not melt."

It's a good news, says Chris Debicki of the environmental group Oceans North. But he said that the government should focus on protecting what is known as North Water Polynya, where open water throughout the year creates a highly productive habitat used by many of the most animals use Talluruti Im Imanga.

"That is the next critical step. If we look at protecting remote areas without looking at larger connections, we re-arrange the deckchairs on the Titanic."

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December 4, 2018 / 3:21 pm | Story:

Federal ministers play the potential for racial profiling and civil rights offenses as they formulate a harsh new law intended to prevent drunk driving.

Compulsory alcohol screening coming into force In December 18 will allow the police to request a spare sample by any driver they legally stop – a bar below the current threshold, which & Asks for reasonable doubt that the person has been drinking.

The road side test could justify further investigation, including more complex tests at a police station.

The government says the goal is to reduce the carnival on the roads by helping police holders with more than the legal restriction of alcohol in their bloodstream.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said on Tuesday he has "every expectation" that the new law will be challenged in the courts, but added that she is confident that she is consistent with Rights and Freedom Charter.

"The intention is to save lives, and this is a very unacceptable purpose."

The Canadian Civil Liberty Society has expressed concern that the screening of mandatory alcohol will have an impact on racial minorities that the force is disproportionately for stopping traffic.

The Minister for Organized Crime Reduction, Bill Blair, said that if police prevention was impelled by prejudice, it would be illegal and contrary to the charter – and so a breath test would be unacceptable in court.

However, the police could legally restrain someone for acceleration, go through a stop sign or as part of a holiday resort check program, Blair said. "They would have to have a legitimate reason to stop."

Research suggests that up to half dealers with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit can not be found on roadside checks, says the Justice Department. An average of almost four people die in Canada every day because of driving is a fault, according to federal statistics.

The likelihood of a person who is caught for more than the permissible limit of alcohol in their "eager to increase explanatory" system under the new law, says .

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December 4, 2018 / 11:48 am | Story:

The multi-millionaire businessman Richard Oland did not have time to give a great defense when he was attacked at his office and killed by a number of blacks that were reminiscent in his skull, he was told court that his son was murdered on Tuesday.

Dr Ather Naseemuddin, the pathologist Saint John who held an autopsy on the Oland body, said it was only five defensive wounds to the back of his hands, possibly caused as he tried to try to broadcast his head of the dozens of Strikes that quickly kill him.

It was a difficult day in the defeat of Dennis Oland, 50, for his father's murder in a second degree, and his bludge body was found to lie in a blood pond on July 7, 2011.

Naseemuddin carefully accrued all losses to former 69-year-old Moosehead Breweries Ltd operator, accounting for a total of 45.

The court was warned in advance that the autopsy images would be difficult to see. It seems that Dennis Oland was rarely, if never, looked at them, as most members of a family who are in court every day support him.

Oland has consistently held his innocence. He was accused of killing in 2013 and was awarded by his jury in 2015. That ruling was set aside on an appeal in 2016 and the new trial was organized.

"These injuries were rapidly fatal," said Naseemuddin at Jill Knee Crown Prosecutor, who asked if Oland could have survived long after the assault.

He said that Oland was very incapable very quickly.

The test has heard initial evidence suggesting that one person working in the same building on the night of the murder had heard sounds coming from the Oland office at a time that would exclude his only son , Dennis, as the perpetrator. Naseemuddin said there was no way Richard Oland could have tried for several hours and made toasting sounds later on July 6, 2011.

Dennis Oland left his father's office at about 6:30 a.m. that night – the last person who had seen Richard alive. The witness thinks he had heard the sounds between 7:30 and 8 p.m., when Dennis was shopping a bit away in Rothesay, N.B.

Prosecutors claim that Dennis had killed his father "in a reason" when they were alone at the office between 5:45 and 6:30 p.m. The main motivation, they say, were the financial difficulties of Dennis Oland.

No tool found yet. The pathologist said that most blasts of a marginal deed cut and broke into the Oland end, in some cases through the skull to the brain. There are also five head injuries set with a circular object, one with a cross pattern that had to print on Oland's skin.

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December 4, 2018 / 11:45 am | Story:

Alberta and Saskatchewan want to face problems with the oil look to be on the agenda when main representatives meet the prime minister later this week.

Premier Premier League Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has made the application in an open letter to Justin Trudeau. They say that the current agenda does not include any emerging crisis discussion with the energy industry.

Currently, Alberta oil receives hundreds of subbank prices under hundreds, thanks to increasing the growth and lack of pipeline capacity to obtain oil to the market. The main leaders say that the problem costs $ 80 million a day, and the agenda of the meeting should reflect that.

It is intended for the premiers to meet with Trudeau in Montreal on Friday.

"During your recent visit to Calgary, you called the economic impact of the price of oil different from crisis." We agree, "Notley and Moe wrote in a letter released on Tuesday.

"A crisis of this size must be reflected in any debate on Economic Competitiveness. We are confident that the agenda can be amended for our first Ministerial Meeting to reflect & # Better than the need for a considerable debate on issues that are very important to the Canadian economy. "

Although the rest of the world sells its oil at about $ 50 per barrel, Notley has said that Alberta is wearing only $ 10.

It has ordered a mandatory cut to produce oil that equates to 8.7 percent of output to reduce the amount of oil that forces steep reductions. It is intended that the cuts will end on December 31, 2019.

Alberta also plans to buy as many as 80 locomotives and 7,000 rail tankers to remove the excess oil from the province to markets and tackle the pipeline.

The Trans Mountain expansion project, which would triplet capacity to B.C. Coast is now a legal restriction despite being approved two years ago as Ottawa reviews the effects on the UN environment and B.C.

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December 4, 2018 / 11:32 am | Story:

United Nations National Chief Executive Perry Bellegarde has a decisive message to federal politicians: Listen to UN priorities, or else.

Bellegarde yn dweud bod pleidleiswyr y Cenhedloedd Unedig yn gyfrifol am ddileu 22 o wallau yn etholiad ffederal 2015 ac roedd ymgeiswyr yn etholiad y flwyddyn nesaf wedi bod yn well i anghenion a gofynion y Cenhedloedd Unedig.

Bellegarde oedd yn siarad yng Nghynulliad Prif Weinidogion Arbennig y Cenhedloedd Unedig yn Ottawa heddiw.

Soniodd am roi dogfen "Cau'r Bwlch" ei sefydliad o flaen pob plaid yn ystod yr etholiad ffederal diwethaf. Amlinellodd flaenoriaethau ar bopeth o'r amgylchedd i ieithoedd Brodorol a dywedodd ei fod yn anfon y neges eu bod wedi bod yn well yn rhan o blatfform plaid os oedd eisiau pŵer.

Bellegarde yn dweud ei fod am weld ychydig o ddarnau allweddol o ddeddfwriaeth a basiwyd cyn i'r Tŷ godi ym mis Mehefin, gan gynnwys y Ddeddf Ieithoedd Brodorol ddisgwyliedig hir, a gyhoeddwyd yn ddiweddar deddfwriaeth lles plant a bil aelod preifat preifat NDP AS Romeo Saganash, sy'n ceisio sicrhau cyfreithiau Mae Canada yn cyd-fynd â datganiad y Cenhedloedd Unedig ar hawliau pobl frodorol.

Siaradodd hefyd am newid yn yr hinsawdd a gofynnodd i'r penaethiaid a'r cynrychiolwyr gefnogi treth carbon fel un ffordd i'w ddiffodd.

Paratowch i dalu mwy am eich bwyd yn 2019.

Bydd adroddiad o Brifysgol Prifysgol Guelph a Dalhousie ac a adroddir gan CTV News yn dangos bod prisiau bwyd yn codi rhwng 1.5 a 3.5 y cant yn 2019.

Mae'r cynnydd yn cyfateb i gynnydd ar gyfer teulu Canada o $ 400 ar gyfartaledd ar gyfer bwydydd bwyd a $ 150 ar gyfer bwyta allan.

Mae'r astudiaeth yn dweud y bydd llysiau'n gweld y cynnydd mwyaf, rhywle rhwng pedwar a chwech y cant. Ar y llaw arall, cig a bwyd môr, disgwylir i brisiau gostwng cymaint â dau y cant.

"Mae hyn ychydig yn risg i ni … Nid ydym erioed wedi gwneud hynny," meddai Sylvain Charlebois, un o brif ymchwilwyr ac athro ym Mhrifysgol Dalhousie, gan gyfeirio at ragweld dirywiad.

Ond mae ymchwilwyr yn credu y bydd gormod o gig, ynghyd â bwyta llai o brotein anifeiliaid yn Canada, yn cyfuno i weld prisiau'n disgyn.

-with ffeiliau o Newyddion CTV

Mwy o Newyddion Canada

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