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3 Marijuana Stock to Watch in February

February will be a big month for the marijuana industry. With Canopy Growth Body (TSX: WEED) (NYSE: CGC) to release earnings on February 14 a Cannabis Aurora Inc intend to do the same on February 11, there is a lot of news to keep up. But there are more than just earnings to look for. Between Aphria Inc (TSX: APHA) (NYSE: APHA) is a hostile drama and a new round of procurement mania, there is plenty in this industry to keep hands and investors full for 28 days. Here are the three marijuana stock that are worth watching in the busy weeks that are in the foreground.

Canopy Growth Body (TSX: WEED) (NYSE: CGC)

Although Aurora has recently been extracted on revenue, Canopi is the # 1 marijuana stock per market cap. Its latest earnings report was widely considered disappointing, with 33% revenue growth and a loss of $ 330 million. On February 14, Canopi is expected to release earnings that cover the period ending 31 December. These will show whether revenue from legal cannabis was enough to withstand slow growth and company mounting losses.

CannTrust Payments (TSX: TRST)

CannTrust Holdings is worth another stock that watches in February. CannTrust stood out in 2018 for its constant operational profit when many marijuana companies were unable to achieve the same. Although other cannabis companies followed growth at a large cost, CannTrust kept things short and meant. The big question is which strategy will eventually win out. We may get a suggestion ahead of this month, as the company should release an earnings report for the quarter ending 31 December in the coming weeks (based on the date of its previous report).

Aphria Inc (TSX: APHA) (NYSE: APHA)

Finally but not least, we have Aphria. At present, Aphria is the target of offering hostile transmission by Green Growth Brands, which offers less than 30% Aphria average price price. Because managers have rejected the application, Green Growth goes directly to Aphria shareholders. The bid is a long blow due to its low offer of 1.5 Green Twf contributions per Aphria share, which would represent a loss for any Aphria shareholder who bought in January. However, a number of Aphria shareholders bought long-term prices at lower prices, so they could be persuaded to sell.

Bottom line

Between legalization, volatile stock prices, and a $ 5 billion Canopy contract, the 2018 pot industry will be a difficult task to follow. But so far, 2019 holds itself quite well. We have already seen a rally that has taken a Canopy to contribute around the north of $ 65 – going to their 2018 numbers. And with earnings on the horizon, who knows what's next. The big question is whether cannabis producers will become a positive cash flow after lasting huge expenses last year. If the news is good, we might test a new rally in cannabis stocks that even passed what we saw last summer.

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