Monday , October 3 2022

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD opposite Competition


There is a new player in the heavy duty truck segment, and we suspect that no one will fail to see it. Uncover the Chevrolet regime to redesign a Silverado HD pickup today, giving us some external pictures to reveal all right A bold design that already has people coming up on love-he's hate-he's debate. Looking past a huge frontage, there is a new V8 engine option as well as 10 fast automatic available on the Duramax diesel. Chevrolet also promises "significant increase" to the removal and payment capacity.

We do not have full information about this amazing new Chevy yet. His full disclosure has been set for February, but we're also expecting Ram to start all of his new HD dragons by then. We can not forget Ford, who has a Super Duty F-exciting series coming soon and know what we know about Detroit's big players, we would not be surprised to see all three Renovated new horses arrive at the same time. In other words, if you're a fan of great dedicated doors, the next few months should be very exciting.

Let's start on some preliminary comparisons based on what we know, along with some positive guessing to help things along. We will also look at style, because damn Chevy has a big nose. Certainly, a lot of information is missing at present, but we will update this chart as it becomes available.

Specifications 2020 Chevy Silverado HD 2020 Ford Super Duty 2020 Ram HD
Machine: Turbo diesel 6.6L / new-gas gasoline V8 * Turbo diesel 6.7L / new-gas gasoline V8 * Turbo diesel 6.7L / gasoline V8
Transfer: six-speed automatic, Allison 10 automatic speed * 10-speed automatic automatic six-speed hand, six-speed
Horsepower: * 445 / NA * 450 / NA NA
Torque: 910 lb-ft / NA * 935 lb-ft / NA NA
Max Removal: NA NA NA
Max Charge: NA NA NA
Basic Price: NA NA NA

Now to get rid of all those stories. In short, that either represents information of the current models that we expect to carry over 2020, or information we feel confident enough to include here. As you can see, diesel engines will be a soldier as the choice of muscle for those who are searching for urgency, but Ford and Chevrolet have some V8 gasoline options as they are known again. The Ram Team is likely to keep its 5.7 liter gas appliances and 6.4 liters V8, but some changes are not yet out of question. In addition, the new Ram is expected to gain more power from its Cummins diesel, but we have not yet heard any credible figures.

We did not hear any figures about subtraction, cargo capacity or basic price. The current generations for the three models are very competitive, but instead the work will work with tins of statistics, we will be patient until the new information comes out.

In terms of the style, the only new truck that we have not seen fully is the Ford has to face. We can look good at Chevrolet, and Ram, however.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD
Spy Ram 2500 HD Picture
2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD
Spy Ram 2500 HD Picture

As always, there is beauty in the eyes of the holder but we find that the current design trends are very interesting, to say that least. It could be argued that Chevrolet and Ram have exchange ideologies, with Bow Tie adopting more subclassifier An approach that once defined Ram.

Meanwhile, hiding under camouflaged covers in Ford Super Duty (appears in the gallery above) which appears to have been as ugly as the Chevy. One will face it like, um, polar as HD Silverado is waiting to see. Rarely enough, Ram seems to be a sugar, stylish option for cattle truck buyers. How about irony?

This comparison is underway, so please enter the article and call us. We will update the hard trip alongside this as more information becomes available.

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