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14 Reasons Why "The Crindelwald Offenses" Have We Want To Eliminate Our Own

Warning: this post includes … yup, you guessed it: SPOILERS!


OK, so FIRST ONE, Aurelius Dumbledore never mentioned in the books.

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Throughout the Harry Potter books and movies, as well as in Pottermore, there has never been any mention of Aurelius Dumbledore. Syndicate J.K. Rowling decided to pull a new character out of thin air?


And the movie is completely unclear with sub-applications for each character – most of them seemed completely irrelevant?

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Jacob and Queenie were essential characters for the story in the first movie of the saga … but now their narrative trains are weak and lacking depth. All they do is make a movie movie feeling even more blurred. This also means that everything that happens with their characters makes very little sense. Example # 1 …


Literally everything Queenie makes is confusing.

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She goes from being a lovely, rebellious woman in love, to support a dark, megalomanian dark wizard in a matter of days. Why ?????


And her sister does not seem to make sure she loses her mind just lil?

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Okay, yes, Tina is very busy trying to find out what Newt is doing, but … HERE HERE HERE HAS BEEN HAS BEEN SURFACEED WITH THE SISTER CONNECTING GRINDELWALD? I just say. This is NOT NOT the sister's material of the year !!


As if that were not enough, the movie threw in a number of new characters that seem important but have never presented us correctly.

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Like Grimmson, who appears to be one of the main followers in the first half of the movie, but then disappears just like that.


And do not start with the characters that deserved more space and were pushed to the side, rather than Nagini.

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She's a very important character in the Harry Potter saga, though, well … in a snake. This was the opportunity to reveal much more about it, but it was only two lines – and it's perfectly perfect to boil to comfort it.


Lestrange drama (which appears straight out of Jerry Springer episode) ends as a sort of "really never thinking" moment.

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They digest the whole movie that develops a great mystery to this family … which leads to a revelation that seems like if it were to be drawn out of a daytime talk show ("WE DO!") … but none of those issues are even because, well , Credence is not Lestrange, it's similar, so nvm ??


Not let Leta's sacrifice feel absolutely unnecessary.

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Yeah sure, it was to help save everyone else, that's really a pleasure and everyone … but some grindelwald blue fire is almost killing everyone anyway? She could have escaped and helped everyone outside her.


Speaking about having to spray some drama to the story … let's talk about the appearance of Nicolas Flamel!

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On more than one occasion, the Grindelwald Crimes A plot seems interesting only when they throw directions to the Harry Potter saga, even if they feel compulsory or disagreeable. Which, tv, this does.


Even the youngest Dumbledore does not seem quite exciting with the Dumbledore, we know …

I am mainly interested to know where Albus Dumbledore decides to have gray, smart and gray clothing suits, and match colorful costume matches were #FantasicBeasts

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Do not go wrong for me, I'm really fond of the idea of ​​seeing Jude Law in a three-piece suit. But he's pretty much a character to Kooky's headteacher, wise, has been similar, bizarre and even blending at that age?


It came to ** that there was ** a blood pact out of nowhere, and it seemed like an excuse for simplifying the plot.

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We would never have heard about spelling the blood pact, and it's probably like to remove the most interesting symbols in the whole saga.


Also, Grindelwald, in his desire to face Dumbledore, would not only destroy the blood contract to begin?

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Hold on a moment … If he wants to stop Dumbledore so much, and it also happens to have the most powerful band of all, why not destroy and pact? And how can Dumbledore IS do that? The way this spellchecker works and its results is very clear. In the past, when Rowling used to introduce spelling, she would be very clear about the rules about how she worked. Here, not so much.


It's disappointing how vague it is and the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore.

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J.K. Longling has already said that Dumbledore is gay, and the movie suggests that the affection they have had on each other has been made "closer than brothers." This was a great opportunity to start a conversation about the sexuality of the characters, but it was almost very unwell.


And finally, this movie could be the second installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" story, but mostly leaves the very magical animals by the way.

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The most unusual of the movie? The "great animals" really are not just an exciting piece, and they do not play a very meaningful role in the plot. Mainly, there is only one large CGI that is flexible, and nothing else.

To close: Grindelwald Crimes It was a kind of big mess, hair, and we're not sry.

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Better luck next time, Potter?

This post was translated from Spanish.

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