Monday , January 17 2022

Zory's mother talked


This morning I was the 5th office director of the Blagoevgrad School, Mrs. Trichkova the participants in the mistake that was played earlier in today's city. In the presence of their parents, the women who were put together by their co-adviser Zori gave their explanations about the case. One of them is a well-known local businessman's daughter. Witnesses are twelve questions. They are each other, and teachers say that the girls will understand. That opinion is not the mother of the girlfriend Golina's school, which is what he said before "I'm really angry, I was astonished at the class teacher on Friday that the two girls were shocking Zori.

They make them give money, 20 leva, 10 leva, to be cannabis cigarettes unpaid. After she refused to smoke, she gave her an incredible harassment with threats: "You blow the boys for money, we'll beat you, and so on." Zori took it for a long time and told me Friday. I immediately call for the school to take action, but on Sunday, my child was attacked and bit. I understand they are tough, but where are adults? I warned that these girls had something happened. Why not been warned, but it was a battle. I filed a complaint with the police and realized that the police knew one of the girls who had been in an apartment found drugs but he was a friend. They sent a girl to take drugs and forced Zori to smoke. A little while ago Zori told me that I was trying to get such cigarettes, I took very severe steps, and it was stopped, now throwing it. How can I save my child? I asked today at Mrs. Trichkova. "One of the girls said that Zorka had attacked her, but had an operation, she had a queue operation, so the collision happened. Zori's mother, the children to understand between them, the scandal is big, Police and attention.

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