Thursday , January 20 2022 | News | Software Update Turns Model 3 into a Drift Specialist!


According to sources in Tesla, the update that will install the new Model 3 in the track mode will already be ready for customers.

It will allow the car to do things that are so far impossible, even if you try to achieve them at a higher speed.

The system was designed to be used on track only. The biggest change is that the traction is turned off while the electric motors emulate a lock differentiation operation.

These changes should allow the powerful electric car to drift as never before.

If the car is powered by four wheels, the system will prioritize the back axle for a more neutral feeling and of course easier to disappear.

The update will also make the most of battery cooling as well as recover energy to keep brakes in a dynamic drive.

We still do not know how the electricity will affect this track, but we hope the engineers will have thought of it.

It is expected that the update will be downloaded automatically by each Model 3. We expect a video.

Is it possible that the small Model 3 become an animal on the track? First steps are certainly promising!

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