Tuesday , November 24 2020

World | "Ikea" begins the biggest change in its history and goes to the center of the cities

Jesper Brodin

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Jesper Brodin

The Japanese Ikea (IKEA) ready-made furniture and equipment company is preparing the biggest change in its history. Provides a penetration to the city center and the appointment of supply agents as customers do not have enough time to visit traditional stores of the company's traditional centers.

Here's what Jesper Embroidered CEO, in an interview with Wall Street Journal. Here's what it's splitting by adapting to user friendly switchover:

– there are plans to open at least 30 shops located in city centers and less than known known offshore passports; they will instead sell accessories and equipment, and will be able to order furniture from the catalog

– Experiment with monopolies – in Stockholm there is only one for kitchens

– Thousands of jobs will be cut off

– but new jobs will be created in parts where Ikea has so far failed to allow, including distributing goods in Aberystwyth

– the change is necessary because customers are no longer willing to travel 50 km, just to see how the actual furniture or hanging curtains look.

– Sales in shops is almost hard, while there is obvious growth in online trade

– still experiencing what's new and different in city shops, but one of the models is if a bed is ordered in the morning on the Internet, until the night is delivered and & # 39; to assemble

– For online services, Ikea is buying companies such as TaskRabbit and 49% part of the North American Draemand

Companies such as TaskRabbit will help customers quickly get their orders and assemble them on the spot and place.

© Reuters

Companies such as TaskRabbit will help customers quickly get their orders and assemble them on the spot and place.

– Mobile apps are being developed from where to buy (online purchases are possible in around half of the markets where the company is present)

– present artificial information to recommend customers' products more appropriately to them, and to do the best possible work with suppliers

– Keeping low prices is still an important task, rising costs will not be transferred to customers

– a great change in the hours of work – a 24/7 test will be tested as customers do not have time off during the week and some would like to visit the store after the children went to & The bed

– people have less time, but more of them go to the middle income group of homes looking for kitchens, sofas, etc.; many of them shop online at the subway on their way to work or late at night

– renting furniture – such a pilot project already exists in Switzerland and is considered suitable for office equipment

– Selling through Amazon – this would be a big change, since Ikea has never been selling through a side trading network.

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