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VMRO sends Mareshki to the zoo vet


The urban advisor at SMO VMRO Carlos Contreras wants to send Llais Veselin Mareshki's leader to the zoo vet.

In a press release of the IMRO he wrote that Contreras calls: "Dr Dolittle, caring for the Veselin specimen -" Mr M. "After repairing the swing, there are very good conditions and I think he could feel comfortable in himself. "

Borisov asked kidnapping Karakachanov, Mareshki

Borisov asked kidnapping Karakachanov, Mareshki

The Karakachanov concept would get Bulgaria further

The Patriot wrote a post on his facebook page in response to him Mareshki's open letter to Prime Minister Borisov, where the business asks the prime minister to capture the VMRO leader Krasimir Karakachanov on the subject of Gypsy integration. We remember, in the letter, that he writes the concept of the deputy prime minister for the Gypsies strengthens the gypsy of the country only, gives the Gypsy more benefits, and so IMRO will win much of the Roma vote.

This provoked Contreras, who wrote in the social network, said that with a letter Mareshki again proved that mental shortcomings are not eliminated by taking office in Parliament.

"Obviously, functional illiteracy is a fact not only among students, but also among some party leaders and deputies." To say that the concept of marginalized gypsy ethnicity gives the gypsy the right to say that you have a chain of pharmacies and you drink regular pills, "says the patriot.
The first showed that Mareshki could not read and understand what was written in a document not so long. The second – that's we needed more money for the healthcare system in our country for mental health.

Mareshi highlights the IMF's simplicity for Gypsies and sex ideology

Mareshi highlights the IMF's simplicity for Gypsies and sex ideology

The privileges for the Gypsy were pre-elected

In his post, Torri Contra: "To apply for VMRO to attract gypsy voicesas you go to a coalition with the Erodan Proturist Plaid closest to the heart of Bulgaria, and by approaching their gypsies, you will confront your own country in Stolipinovo, and then you will give the patriotic name Bulgarian ", little talk psychophophic. "

According to the urban councilor, the acts of Mareshki have shown that "There are obvious stages of evolution that have ignored some individuals".

Feedback: "Darwin would have been interested in such copies of course."

Mareshki to drink his pill, from the name Karakachanov

After to update

Mareshki to drink his pill, from the name Karakachanov

The "Will" Leader does not deal with things that do not understand

Patriot told Mareshikh to consult a specific doctor – Dr. Rossen Krastev. It was something like a personal doctor in the sw, so he could look after it. Also, after the repair and rebuilding of the swords, the conditions were not bad at all.

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