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Veleva: Borisov has asked Tsvetanov to leave – Bulgaria


G Valeria Veleva, the Uralist and political analyst Georgi Harizanov, talked about the scandal with the cheap apartments of power in the "Hi, Bulgaria" show by NOVA.

Veleva said: "Yesterday, the Prime Minister has conducted personal telephone conversations with all members of the executive committee, who justified his proposal, in order to reduce the damage, Tsvetan Tsvetanov to leave parliament and to remain the vice-chair of the party to answer for GERB party status ".

He explained that the conversations had been deepened, like

Nunev Plamen is just standing in Tsvetanov site.

"The First Minister wanted this to become an official fact at the Executive Committee meeting on Thursday. Tsvetanov himself has been told of his colleagues' views on Borisov's wish," said Veleva, adding that "any senator must be removed". through his own will. No party can fire any senator. "

Georgi Harizanov said: "After the media drama, the public mood has reached a point where the conviction of the legal innocence, which I think is unambiguous, is not clear. adequate.

The response to GERB has made its direct competitors – the BSP – uncomfortable".

Tsvetanov with a luxury home

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"Secondly, the scandal with the practice of buying a tax assessed property is growing, new and new people start to appear, efforts are being made for fake news – Georgiev Plamen of Geo Milev has Everyone who is involved with the subject is voluntary or involuntary, with or without guilt, begins to suffer public harm and transmits them to the political subject of the topic. part of it, "said Harizanov.

He also said: "That's why the Socialist Party is so quiet today. Because the chair of the world with a famous cheap deal is its chairman. But they are trying to generate interest."

According to him

there is no tension between Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev and Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

Valeria Veleva and Georgi Harizanov expect the GERB parliamentary group to stand unanimously behind the Executive Commission's decision.

"The problem is a good reputation. GERB must reduce the damage," Veleva said and described the prime minister as "adequate". "Only one is GERB. The feeling of creating a second power center by Tsvetanov is a fake feeling," Veleva said.

Both friends noted that Tsvetanov's organizational qualities were very high in the party. "Borisov to take such a heavy decision shows absolute power," Veleva said.

Make the whole conversation in the video above.

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