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Unexpected turn in Plovdiv millionaire murder, this is the murderer!


Zdravko Dechkin is the man arrested for the murder of Violeta Balabanova 10 years ago, we report TrafficNews. Today the Office of the Regional Prosecutor in Plovdiv has caught the 32-year-old man and accused him of the deed, according to the investigation, ordered the attack on Balabanova by his son, the late Georgi Balabanov. The successor to the famous family took 200 km / h in Sunny Beach in 2012.

On 30 September 2009, we are reminded that the widow of one of Plovdiv's richest citizens, Violeta Balabanova, had been attacked at the entrance of the co-operative she lived in. A man is busy on her, pulling her purse, and then stabbing her several times with a knife in her belly. A few minutes earlier, her son Georgi left the car with her after the two lunches. The murder against Violetta had the purpose – the notarial acts of all the family estates were always in the woman's purse.

The murder was still not discovered, and it was believed that the truth would never come to the fore with the death of Balabanov. Suspicion has always fallen on the heir who has spoiled, Joro, who has been known as a love of luxury life and high speed. Our public secret that Balabanov is a keen supporter of nightlife, women, gambling and drugs, who need huge financial resources. For this reason, according to members of the family, he has found a way of accepting the genus heritage in the near future. To support this theory was the fact that Balabanov had sold all the family property after the death of his mother and that he was actually bankrupt at the time of his death.

Georgi Balabanov tries to end his life in 2011 after his wasteful life and expensive tribes have melted all the money from property sales. A few months later, Zorro has a new chance with a legacy from his late grandmother, but these assets are also rapidly disappearing. That is why his death in 2012 was suicidal – this time successful – deliberately disastrous with his Suzuki motorcycle.

After the death of Balabanov, the family string was interrupted, and the bloody saga fell in the Plovdiv Crime Chronicles. In 2018, however, the case resumed given the need for further investigation. Today, as accused, Zdravko Dechkin is involved.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the man was employed by Georgi Balabanov. At that time, Zdravko was a 23-year-old boy. On the steps behind the front door, he attacked Balabanova, pulling his women's bag with the estate documents, and fled. Violetta did not give up, but tried to keep her property. So, according to the prosecution, she was dragged by the attacker, and when she shouted for help, five stabs were stabbed in her abdomen and her arm.

Neighbors of the name Emergency Aid, Violeta went to the hospital, where she developed peritonitis and, despite medical intervention, died on October 8, 2009.

It's still unclear how researchers reach Deckchin's name 10 years later. Georgi's acknowledgment says that the young boy's name, Zdravko, 10 years ago, was interwoven, but apparently he had never been arrested.

Dechkin is detained for 72 hours and is expected to be called to a permanent detention order. If proven to have committed the theft, the assault that caused average bodily harm and eventually death, Dechkin can receive a "prison", life imprisonment and life imprisonment for 15 to 20 years without the right to delegate.

The black plaque, which included the Balabanov blood tree, seemed to be lifted at the beginning of the court case.

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