Thursday , January 20 2022

Todor of “Games of Will” hides a criminal past, he was part of the Mutren VIDEO gang


Todor Zhelyazkov’s arrogant behavior in “Games of Will” seems to be his trademark. Until the end, it was considered the best, strongest and most deserved victory of the form, but fell not from one but two women. Joanna and Ekaterina told him about the game and his biggest nightmare came true – to fall from a woman.

Todor seems to have a lot of criminal past out of form. He is part of a well-known Mutren group, and a video posted on the Internet where he can see and hear it clearly threatens police officers.

Read on about Todor’s past criminal acts and which famous Mutren group he was involved with, and a scandalous video shows how he threatens uniformed police officers.

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