Sunday , October 2 2022

This diet has weakened and does not climb


Diets, which have weakened and do not grow, find scientists at a Spanish university. In addition, it has a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease in patients overweight and metabolic syndrome. This is a Mediterranean-calorie diet.

The study included over 600 patients aged 55 to 75 who were obese or overweight, as well as metabolic syndrome. Despite the fact that low fat diets and carbohydrate are considered to be effective in terms of weight loss and less risk of developing cardiovascular disease, there is no scientific evidence that the long-term benefits of such a diet, write

A new study, focusing on a basic basic type of food – Mediterranean showed that 33.7% of patients who passed a year later lost at least 5% of their body body weight. When compared to those who did not follow this diet, their glucose use was really improving. There is also a difference in the fact that the positive dynamics of weight loss over time persist, emphasize researchers.

The Mediterranean diet means the use of a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, pressures, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and pasta-based grain. It is also recommended to reduce the use of red meat and give priority to fish and seafood.

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