Monday , October 3 2022

They punish Verstapon bastard with a public service


Pope Max Verstatain was punished for 2 days of useful social labor because of his attempted suicide with Esteban Okon.

Insignificant to the Frenchman who was depriving him of victory, the Lowland attacked a competitor after the race by hitting him several times.

The FIA ​​is expected to interrupt and investigate immediately what happened, calling both for an explanation.

Vertapano explained that he was very disappointed with the incident on the path, which meant that he fell to the emotions, although he did not initially want to act like this.

Although the stewards have received Max's sympathy to pilots to become role models, Vertappen will be approved with two days of public service work set by the FIA, which he must give in the next 6 months.

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