Sunday , February 28 2021

They arrested Angel Djambazki's weapon at Sofia Airport

The MPE Angel Djambazki was captured at the Sofia Airport with a pistol. The event was held on November 19.

He told NOVA that he had a legitimate self defense defense, but he forgot to pull him out of luggage and hold him the scanner. "Police and Borders" reaches the location and location.

The check has proved that Djambazki has all licenses, but the protocol remains a store. A few days later, he returned to Sofia, his weapon was returned.

"I own a legal weapon for self-defense. I stand in safety when I have a reason to carry it with me. In this case, on Sundays, I was in an area of ​​this type. where there might be drivers, I went to the airport and, without thinking, I can drop the scanner bag and I realized there was a problem. They followed the protocol. I presented papers and a day later, when I arrived home, I did, "said Djambazki, who was raised by VMRO.

"This is a banal case where someone on a mission has forgotten to take his legal personal tool. It's been left to store, then you have," said VMRO leader Krasimir Karakachanov.

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