Thursday , May 19 2022

The US-China Agreement earns new indexes ::


China-wide trade talks were the focus of Wall Street analysts this week. He has already stated that an agreement will be reached in a positive direction. Not yet confirmed, but according to many media and analysts the expected news will be positive. He mentioned from before Bloomberg TV in Bulgaria the financial analyst of Preslav Raykov.

What the American president and administration has created as a problem now they have solved, and this is a commercial tactic Trump has used several times in his career before he becomes president, said at the Investor Club with leading Ivailo Lakov.

"The indexes of the United States, according to the markets response, are now close to the peak indicators that closed at the end of 2018," said the analyst.

He noted that, if there is an agreement between the US and China, that part of the response is already in the price used by the market. Because we were looking in January, the month was extremely strong for DJI and S & P.

Raikov is confident that new markets are approaching new markets, and his prediction for the agreement between the United States and China is under a well-planned agreement, the indexes will close 2019 on new summits.

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